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These are generic prizes that contest hosts may use if they wish, though they are also welcome to make up their own! They don't necessarily have to be trophies and ribbons, either, and creativity is encouraged--maybe you'd rather give crystals? Or maybe something even crazier, like a small floating moon or a dragon? Or everyone gets flowers made of pure light! 

On Alcryst, there are multiple types of contests:
1. You have a gladiator ring for humans, though absolutely any type of contest can be held there (even 100% made-up ones,) and may be site-hosted or member-hosted.
2. There's also a comparable area for horses, though its primary purpose is racing as humans is fighting, and can likewise be any type of contest and can be site-hosted or member-hosted.
3. There's also the ability for character-run stables to host their own horse-and-human contests, from traditional events like jumping to something they create themselves!
4. Roleplayers can also host their own contests, excluding the IC world entirely if they'd like. From fun, easy, free games to complex, expensive-prize, restricted-entry contests, there's a board for roleplayers to make as small or big an event as they desire.
For all member-hosted and character-hosted contests, they have complete control. Want to charge for admission or restrict attendance in some way? Want to serve elixir (magical alcohol) for a higher amount than you purchased it for? Want to set up a whole betting system? Want to allow anyone to enter or have entry exclusive? Want to make a permanent series or something that leads up to a playoff? Feel free! Not only is it a great way to make a huge profit, it also gets your name out there, promotes your stable (if done in one), and enough contests hosted will earn you a special badge and perk!


This is being uploaded so it can be added to Alcryst's dA group. My apologies to uninterested watchers, please just X these types of deviations in your watch feed; a heads up that more Alcryst official images will be uploaded in the coming days/weeks. Please do not copy any ideas or gather inspiration for your own site from these descriptions; since I've put so much time into Alcryst and a huge portion of it is one-of-a-kind, I take even minor theft very seriously. Thank you so much!

Interested in Alcryst? Learn more in its group Alcryst-RPG

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