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Elixirs by Rittik-Designs




The gorgeous potion bottles were commissioned from Rittik-Designs, uploaded with their permission. These are the elixirs on Alcryst (not to be confused with potions, which is another system for alchemy). Each one has a different effect and are sold in the 2 bars:
- 1 bar is in the huge city Faewin, a white marble metropolis carved into the side of a mountain over the edge of the ocean cliffs where its occupants are closed-off, suspicious, and usually dangerous, but the opportunities are greater. Runic Saloon's atmosphere is cold, guarded, and the ideal location for shady business.
- The 2nd bar is in the rustic village Morrene, which is an earthy community that is quite friendly on the surface (though you might find a knife in your back just as they smile to your face). A stranger may call you "brother" just as they refuse to give you their name, but Morrene's citizens will defend their own and their loyalty to their hometown is fierce. Ensorcelled Tavern's atmosphere is more like the Lord of the Ring's Green Dragon with uproarious noise, community, music, a lot of hooking up, and other fun trouble.

Elixirs are the magical version of alcohol on Alcryst but they're far more extreme. Coupled with harsher hangovers and more intense, varied effects, they're oftentimes more comparable to drugs than alcohol. Here are some effect previews:
1. "Cause a chorus of voices in your head that can be entertaining, taunting, helpful, or a shifting combination; oftentimes the character cannot tell they are imagining it."
2. "Numbs your entire body so you cannot feel pain, pleasure, temperature, or any other sensation."
3. "Trick your mind into thinking it is an entirely different age; seniors are infants, adults are youthful again, adolescents are ancient, and their brain refuses to accept any other truth."
4. "You emit very strong sexual pheromones that draws everyone to you while your chemical attraction to them is greatly increased."
5. "Explodes your senses with constantly-changing sensations, from tingling to burning to the feeling of liquid sliding down your skin to more."
And plenty more! We are also always open to new elixir suggestions and some can be mixed for even more interesting results, though some combinations are harmful, even deadly. And yes, horses can get their hooves on these, too, if a human supplies it, though horses have alternative options in their own lands.


Artist: Rittik-Designs 
10 are commissioned exclusively
3 are purchased adoptables from Potion adopts 7 (CLOSED)


This is being uploaded so it can be added to Alcryst's dA group. My apologies to uninterested watchers, please just X these types of deviations in your watch feed; a heads up that more Alcryst official images will be uploaded in the coming days/weeks. Please do not copy any ideas or gather inspiration for your own site from these descriptions; since I've put so much time into Alcryst and a huge portion of it is one-of-a-kind, I take even minor theft very seriously. Thank you so much!

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Really creative bottle shapes! I particularly like the angles of the top right one :+fav: