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Badges for varying awards throughout the site! More will be added over time. For right now, I kind of ran out of room in the mini-profile code. -cough- oops?

Badges can be earned by all characters and members, though some are exclusive to specific groups. The initials on each signify the full title, which is always 2 words. These badges are displayed in mini-profiles as a bragging right and also come coupled with various other rewards, such as IC money. Here are all the current types of badges that can be earned:
- 1,000 or more posts

- 1,000 coins (or spirits for horses) currently in their account (will disappear if they go under 1k)

- Humans with 7 or more occupations (there are 14 total currently)

- Horses that escape captivity 15 or more times

- Humans that capture 15 or more horses

- Characters that have completed 30 or more Quests (a party of characters hunt and fight a beast using a neat automated system combined with normal IC writing)

- Joined within the 1st month of Alcryst opening (or barely outside the 30 days)

- Members that join the deviantART group Alcryst-RPG 

- Members that have created and posted 15 or more art freebies in its applicable board

- Members that have designed and posted 15 or more accepted Contributions; this is essentially a HARPG-based system (minus the art) where members can create their very own 1) languages, 2) slang, 3) riding cues/styles, 4) plants, 5) alchemy ingredients (not just vegetation), 6) illnesses/plagues/diseases, 7) beasts to hunt in quests, 8) non-character creatures (used as companions or just random NPCs in posts), and 9) playable horse & human sub-sects. They might model their Contribution off of something pre-existing, such as my disease-styled spin on vampirism, or create something completely from scratch. They get to decide everything about their creation. For example, if a creature/character species, they get to make the lifespans, culture, origins, traditions, appearances, and all else they want to specify. They're also able to make it exclusive, have requirements to use, force auditions, leave completely open, make it a for-pay species, or set any other rule they want (keep in mind no one is forced to use any). Members receive rewards the more people use their contributions and you could potentially shape the site's entire future with a popular one, which is a fantastic way to make your permanent legacy! There's also the ability to give your contribution an exclusive specialty that allows you to make a one-of-a-kind power, offense, or defense, which is only 1 of the many ways to get powers--and it's not the only way to design your own ability, either! ;D

- Human characters that have owned 15 or more tamed horses overall

- Hosted 20 or more contests in group-applicable boards

- Horses that have completed 80 or more Lures; one of the best ways for horses to earn money (spirits) is through our many "Lures." Fulfilling various requirements to kill sanctioned prey (called "Marks" or "Marked Ones," created by the gods) rewards them with various amounts of money and oftentimes can be achieved through regular roleplaying. 

- Members with 10 or more accepted characters

- Characters with 5 or more offspring birthed on-site

- Win at least 1 Of the Month award

- Characters with at least 1 stat of 100 or more; there are 8 stats modeled after a video game that can be leveled up through bountiful options throughout the site. Fully maxed-out characters experience abilities much like superheroes; punch through mountains, never sleep again, run so fast you turn invisible, and more! These affect your capacities, your physical appearance, your advantages in battle, and have a few other effects, such as being part of the requirement for many systems.

Some future badges I want to add are for successful battles, successful quests, contests won, advertising a certain amount (which there is a permanent reward system for), reaching a certain standard of success with your business (humans) or herd (horses), a crowning badge for someone who achieves all their possible badges (with a huge reward), and, well, plenty more. The ideas are pretty much endless... unfortunately the space isn't. >.>


This is being uploaded so it can be added to Alcryst's dA group. My apologies to uninterested watchers, please just X these types of deviations in your watch feed; a heads up that more Alcryst official images will be uploaded in the coming days/weeks. Please do not copy any ideas or gather inspiration for your own site from these descriptions; since I've put so much time into Alcryst and a huge portion of it is one-of-a-kind, I take even minor theft very seriously. Thank you so much!

Interested in Alcryst? Learn more in its group Alcryst-RPG

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