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Guild Wars 2 Kite City

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DeviantArt's facebook brought me here.Beautiful Art!!!
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The Zypherites Festival of the Five Winds. Looks amazing! Love the little asura in the far right. You can just see his ears! 
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Such an amazing piece
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i've found this perspective very hard to convey, but you've done very well ^_^  it's very interesting!
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it's not pay per month it's a buy one time fee and play forever. now i believe it's free? not sure. they make money through the cosmetic shop. WoW is pay to play.
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it is not pay per month
also the "heart of thorns" additional pack is made cheaper now (while the basic game is free now)
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nice concept in all the way
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I really like this one ! So gifted!
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Man this is awesome, I seriously dig the composition 
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almost as good as my art :heart:
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so amazing my god
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an amazing vision
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I really like it.
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What a concept, fantastic!
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dat umbrella!
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Sooo imaginative!!!!
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Looks like a nice place to live. Great job.
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Beautiful, teach me your ways, master
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