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Really original title I know... Did this really quickly the other night while relaxing and scribbling away in Corel Painter. Some of the details are way off, but meh, more or less a speed paint lol.

That game man.... that game.. If you don't know what Journey is, it is the new game from Thatgamecompany and possibly one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. While it's only about 90 minutes-2 hours long, it is incredibly emotional. I was moved to tears by the end ;^;

[link] Trailer here if anyone is interested.

[edit] I'm now noticing that there are quite a few pictures similar to this x_x Great minds think alike? D:

Journey (c) Thatgamecompany
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in all my life i've never seen a game that would be so beautiful
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Wow, very impressive. I still got a lot to learn.
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Absolutely Beautiful! There would be more but I wouldn't be able to word it all out.
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Thank you kindly :3
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The radial effects and the glow set the piece here, delivers the strange, unsettling warmth the game provides.

I love the pastel-feel to it
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Oh maaan I love this game so much, I can't even fully describe it. It's amazing.
Bah, don't worry about similarity, it's beautiful and I love this particular angle. :D
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It really is amazing :heart: I tried to describe it to someone and it is very difficult to find the correct words for it. It's not something you can explain, it has to be experienced first hand.

Hee, thanks :3
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Really nice piece! Played the game as well... it was one of the most unique and moving 2 - 3 hours of gaming that I've played in a while. Your drawing really captures the essence and emotion of the game here :).
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i knew that game!! :D

very beautiful
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Oh man it is :heart: I just adore it :3
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So this game has a story?
Damn it.
But I can't get it for my PS Vita T_T.

Awesome work.
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Sort of. It does have a story but it's kind of left for you to interpret.

Thanks :3
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I bet a lot of people go on this journey more than once.
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