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Spray Paint

spray paint can with a project piece in the background that went wrong, lol
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2800x2100px 640.62 KB
Samsung Techwin
<KENOX S860 / Samsung S860>
Shutter Speed
1/431 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 27, 2008, 5:14:05 PM
© 2008 - 2021 Ru-Neko
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solid32's avatar
Is waiting for some artist....
iinT3nT21's avatar
This is a very cool angle.
Great picture :)
may i use this photo for a Gnome project?
I love the Can :)
Ru-Neko's avatar
Sure! Please share the credit, though...?
Great job at making a subtle color of blue so bold, really interesting. good picture :]
crack2's avatar
wonderful xD
Olivia-the-Olive's avatar
may i use this photo for a photoshop picture I am going to attempt to make?
If you give permission and I do upload i will link to your photo and message you so you can see it.
If not i understand.
it is a great picture :D
Ru-Neko's avatar
no please, go on
ahead!! i appreciate
you asking permission,
lol, thank you! :D
Cupids-Jealousy's avatar
I like it. It reminded me of the book "Paper Towns" with the blue spray painted M's. :)
PandaKong's avatar
This pic is cool of course you know that. Haha.

I see a JB back there... I wonder what that stands for... hmmm...
Ru-Neko's avatar
what an observant little panda you are...;P
i love how it looks
Ru-Neko's avatar
thank ya!
me too! =)
ur welcome dear ^_^
silverspire29's avatar
That's a really cool picture!!!
Ru-Neko's avatar
thank you! ^^
silverspire29's avatar
You're welcome!!!
DarkxNeo's avatar
Ooooooooh I like it!

It's very... um...

GAH! I can't think of the word, but the picture is damn awsome!!
i absurlutely love this shot

not sure wheather alot of thought has been put into the photograph

although its one of those pics that just seams like it has

anywho i like it
cherrycherrylove's avatar
Love the angle and the depth of field.

WOBBUFFAN's avatar
woah thats cool lookin
Ru-Neko's avatar
thanks so much!!
honestly, i was just spray
painting in my backyard
and figured this was just
darn cool lookin, lol.

but thanks for the positive
feedback, i always appreciate it!
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