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October 19, 2008
Words cannot describe what Jason Bourne by *RTyson has to show in its dark hues of pencils. There is no reason why it should be held high, and yet it has every reason. The talent and the effort displayed by this work is beyond the dimensions of the words.
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Jason Bourne


Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

He took me over 200 hours to draw, but I'm happy I took my time.

A2 Bristol board (16''x22") (40 x 55 cm)
4H, 3H,2H, H, HB and 8B wooded pencils
HB, H, 3B & 4B 0.5 mechanical pencils
No Blending.

Hope you like him and thanks to everyone who encouraged me along the way. :hug:

There's a bucket full of WIPs in my scraps if you'd like to check out my progress [link]

Working on Bourne [link] to give you an idea of the size of the drawing

I've added a couple of close-up pics
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Apr 18, 2008, 2:34:14 PM
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6206's avatar
What ammount of detail... my head xplodes!
MariaXXArt's avatar
look at these  detailsssss awesome <3
ItinerantDjuradhan's avatar
Your skill with pencil art borders on the realms of the fantastic. I am dumbstruck. Not to mention that Jason Bourne is one of my favorite characters in any live-action movie. Very, very well done!
Ddc73's avatar
How in the hell did you get such a solid deepo black? The shine always messes with me and I result to charcoal if I want black... Aside from Diego fazo, I've never seen such black graphite.
RTyson's avatar
I used an 8B Derwent Graphic pencil and I do small overlapping circles while turning the pencil so it always taking more graphite from the edge of the lead rather than a smooth area, if that makes sense? I don't build up the layers using harder pencils for the really dark areas as I would with lighter tones as the Bristol board soon gets loaded and can't take anymore.  What brand pencils are you using and on what type of paper?
Ddc73's avatar
I use staedtler, and generals charcoal. I'm still getting my bearings on products. Either Bristol, or Arches hot press 140lb. I have heard that Derwent gets really black by others. I have experimented with the generals 9xxb. It's solid black with little shine. But I've found charcoal will cover in half the time. I guess it's a personal preference, and everybody has their own signature. I get a bit frustrated with the waxy buildup of soft graphite. Like I said, I'm just beginning to learn and the help is much, much appreciated!
Marcusrafaelft's avatar
Amazing work on the texture, love it!
Domenique2's avatar
Incredibly good...
YazMelinka's avatar
this is a drawing ? o.o i want fell of my chair. This is Awesome !!!
BringMeTheSirens's avatar
*dies from the pure beauty of your artwork*
CassandraAllsworth's avatar
Fantastic, he's hot in that movie
The-Small's avatar
Awesome, that's incredible, congratulations
LolitaImbolc's avatar
Eee lass, e looks like he has loadsa mud on his face!

How is the new course going?

It's me :DD
RTyson's avatar
the slightly mad and/or nutty Lola!!

course is going well, how's yours?
LolitaImbolc's avatar
Haha, the slightly loopy and/or talent Ruth :D

Course is going well. Just completed first semester, had portfolion assessment (more expense it never ends - this time round we don't have to mount) handed in nearly 5000 words worth of art history essays and I'm specialising this semester in Painting and Printmaking workshops, we have one full day for each and some nice tutors. It's been quite full on and have had nearly 4 full days a week of lectures/workshops, but this semester will be less busy. I am learning a hell of a lot and really glad I chose it as I like the structure of workshops and having proper tutor time.

Not met many people though. Lots of folk have come from A-Level, and it's smaller this year - but that's better for teaching quality.

Missing the old lot but I remember you still vividly. We will have to arrange a better meet up and bring our various new artworks aand discoveries with us!

How is your course? Do you learn a lot/get to try a lot of different practices? What's the travelling like?

JK-i-D's avatar
this is awesome all your hard work certainly shows
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Awesome artwork! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
RTyson's avatar
Angie-Pictures's avatar
It's my pleasure! :)
r3d3vil1977's avatar
amazing is not enough, so: WOW
and A2 size.. brava! :)
RTyson's avatar
ArtsyVal's avatar
This is unbelievable! Congrats on your completion :)
RTyson's avatar
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