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Paragalis_Shader_Demo_Shadowmap(Public release)
Last Updated 01/28/2009
Shader Author:Wang Jing

The primary purpose of this shader demo is to display advanced shaders' performance in 3dsmax viewport and hope that those realtime techniques are put into use by more and more 3dsmax users.

- Post effect
- 3dsmax2008/2009 viewport shadowmap
- Subsurface scattering
- Cubemap Image based lighting
- Diffuse(alpha channel control opacity),Normal map,Ao map/Light map,Specular,Specular lever(mask),Gloss etc.
- shadermodel 2.x compatible for AMD_ATI card

max9 and max2008 file
.fx file
.fxh file
.jpg file
.dds file for cubemap
Folder contains some of help images

Marcus Dublin who is the creator to Paragalis and the environment.
Creature tutorial:

Cubemap within the scene modified based on this HDR from
( )of Thomas Suurland.

Special note:
You may use shaders and cubemap textures contained in this demo.
You may reffer to HLSL code in this file "Paragalis_Shader_SM2_X_Shadowmap_ASM.fx".
All above are under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
You must credit Wang Jing( as the author in a documentation attached to your work.

Please drop some Feedback if you happen to download those it will be appreciated!

Download link(36.3MB)

Some of Q&A's people are mostly concerned:

Q:How do I enable SSS?
A:Make sure to turn on IBL first,below two parameters plus
two textures are responsible for SSS effect.
-Specular Highlights Strength
-Rim Specular Strength
-Specular Level
-Gloss Texture

Q:How do I enable soft shadows?
A:Sorry,this is a shadowmap's demo that exclude
softshadow function.

Q:How do I enable the environment map?
A:Enable IBL which means all texture channel below IBL are
all on including enviroment map.Tweaking Specular Level
and normal map which may benefit the effect of
enviroment cubemap.

Q:How do I change the IBL strength?
A:Sorry,I disable that function at this release.But you can do
the same job as IBL strenth do by controling Light1/2
Power,Light1/2 Strength,Rim Specular Strength,Specular
Highlights Strength.

Q:The creatures only receive shadows when I turn off the
shadows from the 2nd light in the shader.
A:-Light2 shadow strength
That is a senitive parameter which will dilute density of
shadow.Tune up the strenth to lower value,say,1.You will
get your shadow back with no need of shutting down the
2nd light or 2nd light's shadow.

Q:my ATI card didn't work?
A:Shaow works well at some of ati cards but I also do see
the werid problem you describe at other ati card.

A:I will consider if more ppl are in need of that help.
Previous realtime demos:
Agusturinn Shader Demo
Realtime Water scene
Esperient Creator Scene
Paragalis_Shader_Demo_Esperient Creator
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I am afraid you have to hear same answer again,LOL.Still max self issue.
Have you noticed that I include one black and one white texture(.jpg) in this demo?They are so called dummy pictures.
Just in case that you accidentally put the texture into the slot you don't need to.
lildragon's avatar
Heya RTshaders how much work would it be to include a way to clear textures after you choose them? Currently you have to rebuild your shader if you mistakenly put a texture in a slot. A tad annoying but yeah :)
RTshaders's avatar
Thanks for all of you.
@lildragon,you'd better quit trying:)That is max self nasty thing. Let's wish next version of max can fix it.
lildragon's avatar
This is a great shader, the only thing I can't get working properly is the opacity for hair and getting the character to cast a shadow on the ground. But I'll continue trying today. I'm very glad I found this and will be getting the word out!

raffael's avatar
awesome, gonna test this on my latest character! thank you a ton!
leonuts's avatar
Many thanks! I'm using ATI bootcamp on iMac. Will give it a go later..
RTshaders's avatar
Yep,Normal issue have been fixed already in this version.Thanks to bring it up.
As for ATI,probably works,give it a go.
3dchris89's avatar
awesome :) another great effort done to make this shader awesome.

Does it work with ATI cards now as well?

By the way, i noticed in the augusturinn shader that mirrored and overlapped normals created incorrect orientation of the normals on one side. I know some other shaders (like jeroen maton's viewport shader) do display it like it should.
Is that problem fixed in this new version?
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