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Agusturinn Shader Demo

I worte a shader for 3dsmax viewport and you can view the screenshot above.Thanks for Ben Mathis model therefore I can use it for my shader's test and example to let you play with shader.

File size:48.6MB
File format:3dmax9 Extension 1
You can download here:

After you are familiar with example,replace your own character and see how it looks at max viewport.
Crits and comments are welcome!

Shader's current features:
One UV texture,
Two point lights,
Diffuse map(include alpha which control transparency),
AO(ambient occlusion) map or Lightmap share the same channel,
Normal map,Specular map,Specular level map,Gloss map,Emissive map,
Two type of Cubemap---One is diffuse cubemap for generating IBL(image based lighting),
the other is enviroment cubemap for reflection.

You can vary some fancy effect in different combination like SSS,anti-aliasing post-process effect,
anti-aliasing transparent effect etc. You can insert black or white textures such as 32x32 size's jpg/tga/dds
to any channel you don't use.I know it is rather hassle for time being.Sorry for that.

For AMD_ATI card user,I upload new fx shaders(shadermodel 2.x) which are compatible for AMD_ATI card.

Special note:
Shared on the basis of the license:
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

Addition info for other couples of realtime scene download:
Realtime Water scene
Esperient Creator Scene
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First of all,It is considered as material based on Directx shaders for 3dsmax viewport instead of plugin or tool something.I suggest you'd better google the way to generate A cubemap comprised of a series of six images.
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RT can you give a quick recap of how to install these?
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First to make sure you have graphic card that support at least shader model 2.x.Nvidia card will have better support in shader model 3 for 3dsmax.
You don't need to install any thing,just open max file in max9.Then you can locate shader parameters at material library.
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Well thanks :D, today I got chat with few my colleges about the plugin which is quite interesting. But few things still outa place or is it not yet finish with the plugin? Since I see the slots is not enough for cube maps. Distinctively it would be best to have the 6 sided images to get full output should the material is a highly reflective. Or was it easy if we just add a real cube mesh environment to the scene?
Amazing, Really Nice..