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Ocean {Object Keeper} by QueenOf-Aces Ocean {Object Keeper} :iconqueenof-aces:QueenOf-Aces 2 0 Basic anime Anatomy (body) tutorial ::new:: by Jellynoms Basic anime Anatomy (body) tutorial ::new:: :iconjellynoms:Jellynoms 103 19 Beauty of the Wild by MMA62 Beauty of the Wild :iconmma62:MMA62 22 6
Alphabetic Themed Adopts!
okay so I saw Cyrinthia make this and it is a really good idea! And hopefully it will help me get out of this art block I have going on!
-Make a journal with a theme starting with each letter of the alphabet
-Set a price for what the adopts will all be priced
-When an adopt for that letter/theme is finished, replace the theme with the link
-Do not copy someone else's themes
-No auctions/OTA. Stick to your set price!
-You may hold, BUT you must wait for your theme to be drawn. The letters will be done in order!
-Have fun!
Set price: 85 :points: per adopt
Adopts will be: Human, Kemonomimis, Yoruhi's and Ponies
A-Artistic  Bullet; GreenOPEN!Bullet; Green 
H-Horoscope (Random)
:icontalesofscreaming:TalesOfScreaming 3 20
To Kiss You Forever by ShOrtSh4dow To Kiss You Forever :iconshortsh4dow:ShOrtSh4dow 9 0 Coffee Date by ShOrtSh4dow Coffee Date :iconshortsh4dow:ShOrtSh4dow 8 9 Adoptable Dump (3/6 Open, prices updated) by KageWolfie Adoptable Dump (3/6 Open, prices updated) :iconkagewolfie:KageWolfie 7 30 How colorful lineart by AmeDvleec How colorful lineart :iconamedvleec:AmeDvleec 61 8
Yoru Master List!
Hello! :wave: This is the Master list of all the owners and their Yorus!
I will update it regularly! If I have ??? for your Yoru's name, please comment down below what their name is! If I have any info incorrect, such as Species or Gender/preferences, please please let me know <3
If you don't see your name or your Yoru in here Please let me know! c;
Yorukawa (River)
Yorukawa (Deep-Sea)
Bright Green Star by toast-horse Grass
Black Star by toast-horse Rock
Purple Star by toast-horse Dark/Shadows
:bulletblue: Male
:bulletpink: Female
:bulletblack: Other
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre:bulletblue:Kuro
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre:bulletblue:Blue Star by toast-horseMizu
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre:bulletblue: ???
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre:bulletpink:Mom
:iconyoruhi-hideout:Yoruhi-Hideout 7 85
Jasper by TalesOfScreaming Jasper :icontalesofscreaming:TalesOfScreaming 8 0
Yaoi RolePlay PG13 and 18+ NSFW
It will be a RolePlay between my Original Character and your Original Character
The Plot is random or choose by you
I'm a Active Roleplayer, I will reply fast as long I'm not busy with my College class
Your Original Character CAN be ANYTHING
:bulletred: RULE :
No Killing Each Other
No Force Shipping
No Killing Each Other
No Vore
:bulletorange: Genre/Theme/Storyline :
*NSFW will Include 18+ in Storyline
+Fighting till get bloody or bad injuries
+Bloody Hunting
+Cursing language
+Sex [Force or Not]
*Family/Friendship > PG-13
*Others That you can choose by yourself
:bulletgreen: ROLEPLAY PLATFORM :
:bulletblue: ROLEPLAY METHODS :
*Paragraph/Literature (Short-Med-Long)
:bulletgreen: If interested in RolePlay, you can just comment or notes me ^^
:iconwe-are-roleplay:We-Are-Roleplay 2 15
Update and Egypt RP
Well, I'll get the bad news out of the way. My laptop is broke, which means that I probably won't be able to upload any art for a while. This also means  that, when it comes to RPs, I have lost track of a lot of them. I am really sorry for that! If I haven't replied to an RP in a while and you still want to continue, then please tell me, we can try to sort something out ^^;  I'll also reply slower to RPs, especially ones in notes, this isn't on purpose, it just takes me longer to reply on my tablet. 
Now, the slightly happier thing is that I am, once again, looking for RPs despite all this. They help me take my mind of everything, to be more detailed, I'm looking for an ancient Egypt RP, but one that isn't just centred around romance. Romance can be involved but I'd also like drama, it'd be more than happy to explain what I mean if anyone is interested!
:iconnightmareindigo:NightmareIndigo 4 44
Jelly Theives Ref Sheet(closed species) by NeVerDark1211 Jelly Theives Ref Sheet(closed species) :iconneverdark1211:NeVerDark1211 9 31
Help me guys!!!! 8D
So, I got a bit creative and decided to make a new OC. He's a little bit on the different side though. He's a superhero, well.. more like a vigilante, but whatever. He's still in the making since I want him to be a well fleshed out character. I came up with a few powers that will tie in with his bio once I come up with a solid story. His powers are almost ghost like, such as becoming invisible, phasing through walls, people, solid matter. He also has the ability to fly and move objects with his mind. I'm not sure how I can get this into his bio yet, but my character has a very interesting mark on his right palm, it glows a luminous white and is only visible when his powers are activated. With this mark he can drain physical energy from living things such as people or animals or plants. However like his telekinetic powers, if he over uses either his telekinetic or energy absorption he can become extremely weak and this could possibly kill him.
Now I'm still trying to ration out a back s
:icona-elegant-star:A-Elegant-Star 1 0

Vax Quin Art

So this box is all about my main OC who is Vax Quin and at the moment he is up for RP's. All art in this box is done by other people.

Page doll by :iconsonikkufreak:

By :iconfuneraldolls:

By :icontinkerbell0522:


Stamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-art:thumb82421829: Yaoi stamp by Neko-girl111 Never... by prosaix El Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler Panromantic Stamp by qnerdi Pansexual Stamp by sunbirds Allergic to Stupid by JLMacDonald I Like Vampires Stamp by THEvampireninja Stamp: My tits My choice by Riza-Izumi:thumb552765706: shut up about hating version 7 by sugarpoultry Some People Are Like Slinkies by sugarpoultry EDWARD CULLEN-UNHEALTHY STAMP by swtiine TWILIGHT VS DISNEY STAMP by swtiine NOT INTO TWILIGHT SERIES STAMP by swtiine Anti Twilight Stamp by Waru-FILTH Anti-Twilight Stamp by Eisoptrophobic Book Stamp by Odyssey3001 Artemis Fowl Stamp- Book Cover by cuddlefactor Tim Burton Stamp by iZgo Nerdy Boyfriend stamp by missjesswinkwink Stamp: Mythology by ArtByFlan Political Correctness Is Hindering Free Speech by MadKingFroggy:thumb567211348:


This box is for me and my boyfriend Isa. I love him to death. I'll be posting a lot of stuff in this box now that I'm redoing almost all my custom boxes to look nicer.
I love my Seme. by Valotoxin:thumb82421829:
Holding you by Sonikkufreak

RP Pairings

So this box is for art done of different rp pairings I have that isn't from a pairing that myself and Isa have. Each section of art is started with the username of the person I RP though's pairings with.

ShadeTD Pairings

Dogex Verona:

IsaRii RP Pairings

Alright so me and boyfriend rp alot. So here is some art work that was commissioned for the pairings.

Suzuki X Tobe

by Kregl

by Samy-Consu

Pavati X Hisa

Art by Melodii-Comms

Art by Rokatsu

Alban X Aria

Art by Samy-Consu

Askook X Ami

Art by 808monstargutz

Art by Samy-Consu

Nierus X Sirius

Art by SaKo88


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello everyone. I am a writer and a drawer.I also like to role play.I love to study the constellations and I like to study greek mythology.
Here is my tumblr
Skype name is rtsbts

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My boyfriend :iconrtsbts::iconnicovenommd:



Journal Entry: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 2:27 PM

Hello so I'm hoping to create a new closed species called FerCat's. I first created them for an rp and now I want to really flesh them out as a species. They are essentially a mix between a Cat and a Ferret. I'm going to be describing them in detail here in this journal. I will keep editing this as I have more and more information for them.

Height: 21-24 inches
Length: 16 inches without tail
Weight: 20-40 lbs
Coat: Soft and short
Ears: Ferret like
Tail: bushy
Tail Length: 8-12 inches
Coat Colors: Any natural cat coat color and pattern
Personality: Sweet disposition but protective , they tend to get along with other animals, and are loyal to their owners.
Diet: Small Rodents such as mice and rats pure carnivores.

Skin By Kaseypaws
  • Reading: Da Notes


Chibi Animal Digital
These will be chibi animal drawings will be shaded and lighted upon request and will all be colored. The dog base is one that can be edited to fit many different species which is why it isn't colored.
Chibi Animal Traditional
So I'll be doing chibi animals for 50 points each they will be colored in either marker or colored pencil depending on what you'd prefer. These will be traditional.
Chibi tradtional Colored
So this is a chibi traditional and these will be colored with   
Chibi Digital Colored
These are 100 points and another 50 points for an extra character. They will be shaded and lighted upon request.


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