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oh, it's that time of the year, again =)
Tis time I will have a hand full of plushies with me - and of course engraved glass , mugs , plush pattern , etc :)
Apc 0022 by rtry

like in the least year, I will be at table 9 and 10 on the ground floor

Hndlerplan by rtry

The Galacon is now over since two weeks and I should start organize stuff here.
So I will start with WIndy Whistles
She is still available!
If you would like to buy her, just send me a note.
International shipping shouldn't be a problem
Windy Whistles Plushie by rtry
I've completed my alicorn pattern.
It will be available soon at etsy.

Here is a preview of the body:
LUNA WIP by rtry

As last year I will be a vendor on the Galacon in Ludwigsburg next friday.
The position is the same as the last year
Hndlerplan by rtry
Finally I created the etsy shop for the plush pattern v2 :-)…

My Little Pony base pattern (v2) by rtry
hey there!
it is one week to the galacon '16 in Ludwigsburg and as you may already know I'm a vendor there.
This year I will be able to use two tables, which means there will be some more stuff =)
I do plan to sell this stuff

And in top of that I'll plan to show two presentations at my vendor table in the evening about some basic glass engraving and creating plush pattern

This year I'm on the ground level. This has some reasons like less natural light which is better for my rtryfical (sorry... artificial) light and more room behind the tables
Visit me and buy some stuff!
As always I will have enough cardboard for a proper packaging of the glass

Unitl then have a great week!
Hndlerplan by rtry

There should be more Season 1 Luna stuff out there.
At leest I will do some engraving for the Galacon :3

S1 Luna by rtry
hehehe, this wine is mine (─‿‿─)

berry by rtry

Fluttershy #2 completed!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 1, 2016, 2:46 PM

 Mg 8878 by rtry

After over a month of sewing every evening and weekend, my second Plushie is completed. It was more work than expected but I've to admit that I am really proud to myself :D
Fluttershy is about 90cm [35,5 inch]  high (if she could stand) and 140cm [55 inch] long, her weight is about 10kg [22lbs]

What else... Shannon Minky, different filling (plastics pellets, cotton fillingswith different density), own sewing pattern (actually pattern v2 which I wanted to add to etsy for weeks ...) and so on.

There are more photos at:…

I will also take some proper pictures on friday or at the weekend

And one more little status update on Fluttershy:
The rear mane part is sewn, but I am waiting for filling cotton which hopefully will arrive this weekend along with extra long needles
Flutters 90perc Done by rtry
Fluttershy #2 is growing...
embedded_item1463437505465 by rtry

2nd Plush WIP

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2016, 10:12 AM

OK, there is 2kg of cotton for filling, 1kg of granulate, around 3m² of yellow and 1,5m² of hot pink fabric; some hundred metres of yarn

I hope thats enough interigents for a larger Fluttershy

Actually I am engraving a drinking horn with a complex, deep pattern.
aaaand... I really don't know how I should polish it afterwards. A nail file is too large... are there tools out there which would fit in a dremel rotry tool?

20160318 213521 by rtry

One last letter ...

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 3:58 PM

... before Galacon!

I will offer 113 glasses and 4 horns.
I think there is something for everbody :D

There will also be a raffle where you can win this gorgeous Celestia glass the view to ponyville by rtry

and a Funko Daring Do (glitter edition)

See you on Saturday!!!!!

business cards

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 24, 2015, 8:52 AM

I received my business cards. I really am lazy regarding design so I reuse everything I have :D

but i like the result

 Mg 7465 by rtry

One month to Galacon

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 9:44 AM

As you might have noticed I speeded up the production of engraved glasses. Thats because I will also have a vendor table at the Galacon in August 1st!

Be prepared for some highly detailled handmade images on glass :D


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 6, 2015, 1:40 AM

obey Equality
The season 5 start was great, in my opinion the best after season 2

Of course I already made some glasses :D

this is one of it
 Mg 6951 by rtry

 Mg 6961 by rtry

Sweet apple acres cider

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 7, 2015, 5:35 PM

The last days I did some designung for a logo to engrave. THe theme is a label which would look like one which the Apple family would use. The logo itself had been finished some days ago and can be viewed here:
'Sweet Apple Acres Cider'  brand label by rtry

(for those who are interested: this was the first scatch:
Sweet Apple Acres by rtry

The first glass is also almost finsihed, I am not that happy about some missing details, but detailled work is still a problem for me.

 Mg 6728 by rtry

The second one will be a 1,5l vessel where I will try some new technics, as you can see on the frame for example.

 Mg 6727 by rtry

close to 100

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 9:22 AM

there are 89 users watching my profile by now.
What do you think, should I make a contest for a giveaway after reaching 100? :)

Galacon is over, thank you all!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 1:20 PM

my vendor table

The Galacon is over and I am very satisfied!
It was the largest MLP themed con where I have been (the other one is the Lunafest) and I will definitely come back next year. I am also thinking about visiting at least the Crystal Fair in Finland 2015!

My next appointment is the Lunafest in Hamburg, on October the 25th.
I will absolutly engrave drinking glasses again! And Maßkrüge!

There are some leftovers. If you are interestet, have a look into the "4Sale" folder in my gallery

or just CLICK HERE

Just ask me about the prices. Most are between 20€ and 40€ (shipping excluded)

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Next saturday, the 2nd of August, the GalaCon will open it's doors in Ludwigsburg Germany

If you are interested, come over to my table!
Where it is?

I'll have around 50 different glasses over there. Some of my works are shown in this gallery
Galacon Gallery

See you on Saturday in Ludwigsburg!