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Shade's Respite Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Running Birds “Ever seen an O’stari bear? Of course not, you wouldn’t be standing here otherwise.” --Posta McDonald, arena fighter Brary stood in a shop with the crumpled sheet of paper in hand while his contact finished another transaction. Palace Carl was a merchant in the nicer part of town that Brary had sold feathers to in the past. Far from the common market with its shoddily assembled stalls and impermanent tent shops, Palace’s store was housed in a building sturdily constructed from bricks with an elegantly painted design surrounding the iron lock securing the front door.   A chaotic arran
Shade's Respite Chapter 6
Chapter 6 The Prophet “Among the locals, Shade’s Respite is said to be a cursed place that swallows people whole. A gaping maw where spirits consume the unwary.” --Ford Deere, storyteller Eleven surveyed the spark priest temple of the Tethered Ball denomination with a critical eye. The building itself was tall by current Earth standards, and it cast a long shadow over the large junk yard surrounding it. As specialists in physics and engineering, these particular spark priests tended to hoard anything from Before that might advance their understanding; the junk around the temple gave testament to their enthusiasm if not
Shade's Respite Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Making Connections “The Spark Priests are a secretive bunch, but they claim that all of their denominations were started by a mysterious prophet who taught their disciplines to each of their founders.”   --Ford Deere, storyteller Zanna and Amarice crested another hill in the relative coolness of late morning. It was almost time to rest for a few hours before continuing on under a sinking sun. Zanna found Amarice a pleasant companion, but she still didn’t know her well and was hesitant to let down her own guard. Noting that as much as Amarice made enjoyable conversation to fill the silence of their journey, sh


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