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Tauros is a large, angry bull with boney horns on its head and three whip-like tails that it uses to swat away annoying birds and insects.

I've been going to school in Bozeman, MT and my girlfriend is from West Yellowstone. There are bison everywhere and their charm soon wears off. They become nothing more than big, ugly, stinky nuisances. They sit in the middle of a boardwalk, leaving you navigate around them on the treacherous geyser ground. There are lots of hilarious signs warning you that you are in danger of being gored.
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Excellent work!
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Dude, I love it. Especially the tails; they look so believable
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Fantastic image, tauros is one of my fav pokemon
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Wow!!!I love this drawing of Tauros!!Simple amazing.He has always been apart of my team,and a childhood fav from when pokemon first came out.You did him justice,great job dude.
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I like the idea of Tauros being based off a bison instead of a bull... good job!
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Bison tauros, awesomeness! ...I want to pet it :meow:
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my second-favorite pokemon after mankey. <3 thank you, he's beautiful.
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I can't get over how amazing this is. <3
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Awesome. I always thought of him as more of a Bison/Buffalo than a normal bull.
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Little to be said about tauros. Just a bison with three tails. I like the skull structures on this one.

Isn't tauros supposed to use its tails like stagecoach whips to speed it up? The Pokedex truly delivers some weird facts.
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Great job!!!

Looks almost realistic!!!


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Looks like a mutant bison, nice.
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Amazing shading and detail.
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