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Slowpoke and Bro

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Slowpoke and slowbro are the same species of animal, the difference being the "bro" has formed a symbiotic relationship with a large snail.

Slowpoke are large, amphibious creatures that look similar to a hippopotamus. They are generally considered very dumb animals because of their slow reaction to outside stimuli. They sit on rocks and dip their tails in water, wriggle it to attract fish, which bite the tail and are pulled out of the water for the slowpoke to eat.

If a slowpoke has a snail attach to its tail, it becomes quicker and more aggressive. Instead of fishing, it will beat small fish and animals with its spiky new tail.
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 Unique mutualism example.
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TrapspringHobbyist Digital Artist
awww slowbro looks so cute
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RtRadkeProfessional Artist
This was one of my favorites when I drew it.
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...You've drawn Slowpoke/Bro as one of the most dangerous animals on the face of the earth...
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RtRadkeProfessional Artist
One of my favorites.
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Bela-designsProfessional Digital Artist
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kurohalcaStudent Digital Artist
I always wonder WTF a Slowpoke is meant to be... this may or may not answer my question O_O
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i thought they were actually manatees... but the hippos are cool too
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Hmm, the hippopotamus has a large jaw and crushing bites... nonetheless, I do like this rendition of slowpoke and slowbro.
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I've always wondered what animal slowpoke was based on
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awwww <3
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lol i've always imagined slowpoke like a herpaderp sloth @___@ i always will ...
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~ CrisAn ~
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Awwe, wouldn't they be the cutest house hippos :O
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By the snails I'm sure you mean Shelders and Cloysters.
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RtRadkeProfessional Artist
Nope. I'm not worried in the slightest about staying true to the pokedex. Shelders and Cloysters live in the ocean and look nothing like the shell on Slowbro's tail.
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Ah. I always wondered why they added that aspect though. It's not much of an evolvation to Slowpoke then it is to Shelder/Cloyster. All the Slowpoke does is learn how to stand on it's hind legs..
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RtRadkeProfessional Artist
I don't think realism was their primary concern.
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morganobrienart Filmographer
Great design on a tricky pokemon to make look cool!
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Hippos! Damn, never really considered that possibility.

Slowpokes are amongst my favorite... I like what you did.

...Oh, man, I've really murdered your message box, haven't I? ;3;
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