Positive Feature Poem: Autumn

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October 18, 2021
Positive Feature Poem: Autumn by RTNightmare
Featured by Barosus
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nature's embers embellish the forest

with golden sparks in the light of the sun

the leaves sing with the shifting hues

as the earth prepares for the silent white

may the blessings of the times fill our being

until new life begins anew at the dawning of spring

Internal voice when I woke up this morning and saw this: "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCHHH!" I got my second DD! :squee: OMG! This was so unexpected! Thank you so much, Barosus! This means so much to me! :cries: I can't with emotions rn. Thank you to all the support, everyone! I truly appreciate it. This poem, like I said, is much more complex. I'm really proud of it and super grateful it has been featured! :hug: Thank you so much! :love: 

Partnered with my Fifty-eighth volume of Positive Feature.

This poem was unexpectedly a lot more complex than I anticipated. I've been frustrated by the simplicity of past poems, but I'm really glad this turned out so much better. I don't use big words as often as I'd like. So I'm glad I was able to experiment and create what I believe is effective storytelling. I hope you agree.

Poem and Feature (c) RTNightmare
© 2021 RTNightmare
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Well written and deserving of the DD spotlight...congrats :clap:

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Thanks so much!

Loved it. It's a perfect description of autumn.

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Congrats on the DD!!!

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Congrats, RT! I really loved this one. It gives me a big smile to see how much you appreciated it! ^_^

Congrats On Your DD
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:glomp: The best part is that I AM really proud of it, so I feel like I truly earned it. While I do think my first DD was good, I don't think it was quite on the level of this one. But a year has passed so I have grown. :D

This is really cool, captures the season perfectly^ ^ I love autumn so much

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Thank you so much. :)

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Congrats on your DD for this wonderful work!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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Thanks so much. :D

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I really love how this one turned out too! Great job! ^_^

beautiful text
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Thank yooooooou! :hug:

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