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lollipop bridge

a quick painting i created to demonstrate some of my tools and brushes i use to create window patterns on buildings. 

i have released this brush and texture pack to my patrons. pledge at any level to access the rewards pack!

here are two gifs showing the brush patterns and window creator tool inside the pack: brush strokes | window creator tool
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Nice. We haven't seen a vista of this style in awhile.
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beautiful back lit color!
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I love when I see your art in my notification center. It excites me so much, because it's always eye candy! It also inspires me so much an dI love seeing how intricate your backgrounds are while they still retain something of a simple design to them. Great work, as always I'm ogling your lovely colour pallet and I love the lighting. Great cityscape, the variation between the buildings gives it a great sense of depth!
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(╹ᗨ╹) welcome~ Your work is amazing.
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9/10 no lollipops were used to makes this bridge
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i done goofed
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yus, but still good work ;3
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I love the colors
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Really good. 
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Lovely lighting c:
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I really like these kinds of paintings you make :)
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Really beautiful *__*
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Oh hell yeah, definitely gunna snag those!
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Cute, and I love how you created the light effects...
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Cool brushes, can't think of a situation where I'd benefit from them though. You should mention somewhere what programs are they for and how customizeable they are
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they're for photoshop
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