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May 2, 2014
The Wind Rises by rtil is a fantastic tribute piece that is beautifully drawn and evokes a feeling of joy.
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The Wind Rises

if you currently live in the United States and are breathing, please go see this movie in theaters now before it is too late. it may be your last chance to see a film directed by Hayao Miyazaki on the big screen.

and a hearty "fuck you" to the joke of an academy for snuffing this film for best animated feature in favor of Disney's "Frozen". not that Frozen is a bad movie, but it's forgettable at best compared to TWR.

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Subarufoxboy's avatar
Absolutely beautiful ;)
BalloonPrincess's avatar
Oh wow ... that's wonderful.  A really uplifting and fun image.  :)
koorikohi's avatar
Best movie couple ever!<3
StrikingSplatter's avatar
i was unable to see it in theaters which crushed my heart but i did manage to see it :) it was a beautiful piece befitting miyazaki
rtil's avatar
it did not have a very good theater run. glad you got to see it anyway :)
StrikingSplatter's avatar
i'm glad too XD i would have been crushed if i couldn't see it
Nyerguds's avatar
Oh man. I just saw this video on DVD in a store, and bought it in a heartbeat. It's breathtakingly beautiful.

Though, apparently wholly historically inaccurate. It's a strange idea to take a real historical character and then make a completely fictional story around their private life...
Hey, Miyazaki was kind of mixing in sources when creating the plot. On the one hand he had Jiro Horikoshi's autobiography, which he used for a large amount of the general story. However, he was also mixing this in with the work of Paul Valerie, upon which the message of the film lies. "Le vent se leve, il faut tempter de vivre" is a direct quote from Valerie. 

Here's the poem that started it all. It's not "historical", but what better to have to stimulate a Miyazaki film?…

If you read the poem, all your doubts will be erased. 

The wind rises! ...We must try to live!
Nyerguds's avatar
Whooo... French poetry.

Neat, though quite some liberties seem to have been taken in the translation. Then again, it being poetry, that's nearly unavoidable =p
rtil's avatar
i think Miyazaki's intention was to show the struggle that creators have through the frame of the story of the Zero. i know he has a fondness for planes, and perhaps he felt a connection to Jiro for his story.
Nyerguds's avatar
I watched the movie without knowing anything about the character. It was interesting how I slowly started suspecting and realizing that it would all boil down to the creation of the Zero :)

(especially with the specific wing bend in the dream / paper planes, heh. That was a big hint)
rtil's avatar
Miyazaki's always been so great at those dream like sequences. that really made the movie special imo
Nyerguds's avatar
Absolutely. I love those :D
C-blaze21's avatar
I just got the movie for Christmas.
And it's spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
rtil's avatar
glad you liked it :D
Graystripe64's avatar
Oh man the colors in this are fucking out of this world! :o
lonesome-wolf-child's avatar
I saw this on the big screen with my friend when I visited her in Australia and I'm so glad I was able to do so. X3 It was a great piece, and though it's not my favourite, I'm disappointed as well that Frozen got all the attention instead of this wonderful film. B/ I admit, The Wind Rises wasn't my favourite Miyazaki film, but it was still amazing. I think this was a great film for him to retire with. :) 

Anywaysss! This piece is beautiful! I love how you've made all the paper air plane models that Jiro designed are used as he reaches for Naoko's hand. The pastel colours are perfect, for this dream scene for Jiro. It's absolutely perfect.
rtil's avatar
thanks very much! glad you were able to see the movie on the big screen.
lonesome-wolf-child's avatar
You're very welcome! :D
I am too! :D Haha
ShortLemonie3's avatar
I agree! Frozen was nice and all but this was a masterpiece! The animation! The story! The romance! The characters!
DJaked's avatar
Rtil. I came for the Katawa Shoujo but I stayed for stuff like this. You're awesome.
rtil's avatar
gigi28's avatar
You draw like studio guibli .  Anyway , i have the feeling to see "charlie shaplin" .
Owww , i wish , i could fly like them for the instance ^^
The animation of this movie is breathtaking in it's scope and detail.  Truly Hayao Miyazaki's last work is a masterpiece.  Go See This Movie!
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