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Little Cyberspring

a little bit of spring in a cyberpunk world

painted live on stream [video]

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That Floor looks very uncomfortable.

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OMG, your art is great! Can I please use it as a digital cover for my music release? I can put your name on the caver of that release.

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Thank you so much! So awesome!

Ooh, yeah, i can smell Kojima here. 
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This is just eye melting amazingness. D8 Just how your coloring and drawing style and lightning and use of shadwos. I mean everything is just 10/10. Don't you  ever stop drawing amazing stuff as this and every other picture what you have in here xD I mean lighthouse girl was fucking amazing 8D I instantly added it to my favourites and downloaded it to my computer. Keep flag high dude or ladie xD
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Ur most welcome 8D
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Phenomenal coloring.
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Didn't notice the little flowers at first - i love it!!!
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We have to Value the small things in life.
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Wow I love this :3 Such a clever idea to with just the piece in general and the little story on a cyber girl looking at the little spring happening >//w//<
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Looks beautiful!!!!
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This is beautiful work. The android girl looks cute. 🤖💜💜💜💜
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Purple and orange colors in one drawing! So nice! :3
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them thighs tho, looks like my fingers could sink into them :iconlewdplz:
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Damn! baby girl look good, Shiaht!Love Love Love 
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Life finds a way.
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