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Komi-san goes to Yamaku

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This would make a great visual novel!

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My heart, it hurts, sooooo cute!
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Oh no!

Poor Komi! This is completely in-character for them both, and while I know they'd be good friends if they could get past the communication barrier...

This is super adorbs as well!

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Ahh, Katawa Shoujo...

Such a beautifull game !

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very cute and funny. Komi-san and Tomoko from Watamote would fit perfectly in Katawa Shoujo. Their interactions with Lily and Hanako would be very interesting.

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aww, this is just too cute and funny :aww:

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That's a pair right there.

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So Kawaii!!!!!!!!!!

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who is this blond character?
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new character in komi san?
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No, she's one of the girls from Katawa Shoujo

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She's blinded by her insecurities!

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