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Katawa Shoujo Insta-feels: Lilly Edition

By rtil
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need some feels, but only have a few minutes to get them? experience katawa shoujo in an instant with katawa shoujo insta-feels! spoilers ahead. enjoy!

youtube versions:
good ending
neutral ending

katawa shoujo official site

Yoko Kanno - Green Bird
Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies
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what and why did I just do

Jonathanman's avatar
I get the feeling that someone might like Lilly best :)
Dog-Skull-Death-Bite's avatar
good ending is a beautiful reference
nahomira's avatar
Okay, I just got neutral ending and I'm dying xD
elblancomasnegro's avatar
HAHAA Cowboy Bebop reference just make my day bro!!!
Heart Heart  
Best waifu Heart 
hillerj's avatar
Why do I keep coming back and watching this!?!? I can't carry all of these feels!
DKSpillomanen97's avatar
Boooooooooy. you're gonna carry dem feels. carry dem feels, a long tiiiiime.
oh, booooooy, you're gonna carry dem feels. carry dem feels such a long time.
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By far my favourite of your "insta-feels" series.
Katawa Shoujo has always been my favourite "go-to" for spare time reading during the months of summer and fall.
Your animations complement each of the endings perfectly.
Heartfelt and entertaining, A++.
rtil's avatar
thanks very much! i'm glad you have enjoyed them all, but this is my favorite as well :D
GasmaskTrenchcoat's avatar
Lilly was my favorite. I loved her motherly and ladylike personality. 
Her "healthy adolescent sex-drive" was just the vanilla in the tea
rtil's avatar
zerratedsoul's avatar
this game, no this story brought the manliest of years to my eyes when i played through it. Lilly is my fav <3
TestingTheSeaShells's avatar
Man you are awesome, all of these ending things are well done! This is my favorite though, well this one plus the Shizune one. Have you ever tried any other VNs? If you like them I highly suggest Muv Luv. 
rtil's avatar
i haven't, but i know of muv luv, often considered a good entry point. i may get around to it some day.
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the neutral ending is hilarios!
rtil's avatar
charliIZkool's avatar
;-; that was so sad
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I'm not certain but I think the good ending is a reference to "Cowboy Bebop". If it is good choice.
rtil's avatar
you're correct :)
Superinsanewolf's avatar
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I am so fucking sick of people touching my feels
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