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Fio from Porco Rosso.

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Ah! I just got this movie a few months ago, and finally sat down to watch it recently. Had forgotten how well Fio sorted out the pirates with that epic speech! (Then experienced very realistic reaction of nerves straight after).

Miyazaki has quite authentically filled his movies with memorable female characters - 'with agency', as they say.
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agreed :) it's a heartfelt film and  a classic. i hope they still make the planned sequel or whatever miyazaki was planning
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Ha! Fio and her big butt. 

Well. Her rump isn't really THAT big.

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It's bigger than it looks

Certainly NOT in my opinion.

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I never saw the movie before but it peeked my curiosity. I enjoy the vibrant colors
in this pic, which really reflex a summer feel. The redhead mechanic looks tough,
and cool. Not much more I can share in interpretations. Generally put, barefoot
female characters are always visually attractive. ;) (Wink) Nice pic once again. :)
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thank you! the film is certainly has that relaxing summer aura to it as well and i wanted to reflect that in this piece.
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Your very welcome. :)
I'll have to check out that movie when I have a chance. ^^
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this looks like a fun place to visit 
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Really liked the contrast of the warm colors against the cold background!
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looks nice, great job
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Omg I've been forced away from your work for far too long! Its so beautiful it makes me all warm inside to look at. You are such a talented young individual 
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always happy to hear from you ! thanks so much and welcome back! :D
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<3 Awh! That makes me very very happy! I'm glad to be back and know you haven't left me!
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Hah. I was just about to say, "this has a real Porco Rosso vibe to it"

It's been a while since I've seen it.

I'm liking the hazy palette here.
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hehe :D thank you 
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