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while coming here to post a recent sketch bundle i realized i'd have to go in to photoshop and put all the images in one giant image because deviantart still doesn't have any support for submissions with multiple images. that or i'd have to spam your inbox with tons of submissions that could've just been one, and i don't want to do that either. out of 8 sites i upload my work to, deviantart is the only one that cannot perform this simple task. social media posting already takes up too much of my time. Eclipse continues to test my patience just to upload my work here. i will still upload art and animation here that only requires a single post. but if you want to see any of my bundles, alts, or any post that involves multiple images - please follow me at any of the following places that aren't stuck in 2005, or you'll be missing out on a sizable chunk of my work: twitter instagram facebook pixiv newgrounds tumblr pillowfort if deviantart ever decides to start updating features that
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with Eclipse being shoved down our collective throats in a short time, i ask all of you - what do you plan to do when you can't go back to the old layout? because every once in a while i get curious to see if Eclipse has improved at all, i turn it back on for a day, get annoyed at a broken feature/crappy design choice/unintuitive layout and flip it back off again. it's pretty clear at this point they're sticking to their guns and dumping this broken trash on all of us, and i'm running out of patience. it's already kind of a chore to post here, and eclipse doesn't really make it any easier? i just don't understand what they were going for. it'
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I have to say I am very surprised about this turn of events. After what I believed was an unsuccessful attempt to have my original deviation of Rottytops restored, the ticket was updated and Rottytops is back! Unfortunately all the favorites on it are gone, but i don't really care. I am just happy that this ridiculous saga is over and I don't have to re-upload it for the 4th time as I was getting tired of doing it (and i'm sure you were all getting tired of seeing it). Does this mean that there's a site-wide consensus with the staff about ecchi Shantae art being allowed content on the site? Probably not... but it's good to know at least one p
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Your art is amazing

hey rtil! its been a long time but i was pants-the-terrible on your old website thebackallys and i love your recent work man! i hope you know i am in debt to your pixel tool you made in flash cs3 xD

wonderful work and i wish you the best!

i remember you! thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed the pixel tool!

Hello! Would you like to do an art trade? Or do you do requests?

read my about section

Sorry I'm mobile so I can't see it.