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DeviantArt Filter v5 is Nearing Completion

This is a total rewrite. Now that Add-Ons for Firefox and Extensions for Chrome are 95% identical, I am finally able to convert this to something much more powerful than it could ever be as a user script.

Here are some current screenshots:

Filters by rthaut Management by rthaut Popup by rthaut

(Apologies if your name is in those screenshots - its nothing personal. Those are 100% unedited screenshots from my test build, using test import data, and I didn't want to replace/obscure anything.)

Some of the new features include:

  • Tag Filtering (y'all really were persistent with this request)
  • Category Filtering (hopefully - I haven't started working on the UI for this yet)
  • Sorting and paging through filters (for those of you with 1000s of filters)
  • The export system now generates actual files for you, and the import system uses those files (including drag-and-drop)
  • Full support for translations, although I will need the community to provide translations for languages other than English
  • Performance improvements for just about everything

If you are interested in being an Alpha tester, let me know. At this point, the Alpha will probably be limited to just Mozilla Firefox, and will probably NOT automatically import your old filters. I'm looking for people who actually want to test it out (rather than just use it assuming everything works perfectly), and ideally people who can file bug reports with enough information for me to actually fix the problem(s).

I don't really have a timeline, and I don't exactly want to set any dates, but rest assured that I really want to get this shipped.

Oh man, I am so hyped for that tag filtering. Honestly, before I found out before your extension, I would always come to Deviantart to masturbate to whatever fetishes turned me on at the time. I had a bunch of porn blockers, yet they would never be able to block the individual contents of a site. Really, I was stuck with either having Deviantart open all the time, or blocking the whole site (including all of it's gorgeous artwork). Thanks to you though, I've been able to actually browse on here without getting triggered by some bizarre fetish thing.

Btw, do you know if there's a way to add password lock your DeviantArt filter? What I really want to do (to help me get out of my porn addiction) is to type a nonsense password so that I won't be able change any of the filters when I have a desire to masturbate. Though, even without that, this is still one impressive (and the only) Deviantart filter; so massive props to you man for pulling something like this off! (Even Deviantart didn't want to touch tag filtering lol).
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Submitted on
October 7, 2017