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Left 4 Dead v1.04

ATTENTION: This skin is no longer compatible with Steam.

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Included icons, created by Vaksa ([link]), used with permission.

Valve, the Valve logo, Left 4 Dead, the Left 4 Dead logo, Steam, the Steam logo, Source, the Source logo, and Valve Source are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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This file is not to be uploaded to/distributed by any web site/organization/individual without my consent.

Copyright Ryan Thaut (2009). All rights reserved. No modification or distribution without my written permission.
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Would you ever be updating this ever? I love how the skin looks and would love to use it.
rthaut's avatar
I don't have any plans to port it to the new Steam GUI right now, but maybe in the future I will.
What a wicked skin! Is there a current/compatible one for API v012/Package 1928?
rthaut's avatar
Not at this time.
Does not work for the new steam ui....(husss other one of thoes Nice themes without new ui) plz fix :D
Hey, im a fairly new steam user and recently became a fan of L4D in the last year. With the steam summer deals i bought the bundle package with all teh valve games. anyway to cut to the chase i found i could change the UI skins for steam! :D then i noticed your lovely theme and i downloaded and stuck it in the folder. However, steam fails to even recognize that the Left 4 Dead folder you've created even exists leaving me without a skin.
Is this due to the new UI update i've heard about? and if so any assistance?

Viewtube865 said he's working on "restoring" this skin. Is it no longer compatible with the new UI? Will there be an update?
srry for so many questions.. :D thanks!
Viewtube865's avatar
Im going to work on restoring this steam skin into the new UI. Ill use it as a personal skin and give you the files just in case you might want to see them.
you said something about a restore. maybe read my above post btu i was wondering if you have one?
Viewtube865's avatar
No I don't, I tried working with it a bit and it's really difficult to get everything into place.
hmm alright thank you :D just thought id ask just in case. if you ever do find a solution id be very excited if you'd share it with me :) thanks
Viewtube865's avatar
Ill be working on it. I really love this Steam theme. :crying:
alright sick. :) if u get it goin drop me a notification on plz :D and ill be more than happy to DL it
groseron's avatar
really nice, thanks
NinjaSaus's avatar
Love the skin.

I have one problem though, I can't get the News/Friends/Servers/Settings/Support to change when I hover on the buttons.

I noticed also that the Invite to Chat/Start voice chat doesn't have an hover too.

I'm not asking for much, but where can I change it? Is it even possible to give those buttons a hover on state?
rthaut's avatar
It is possible to give them a hover state, but it would take some work. In the SteamScheme.res file, you would have to define a new state for each of those buttons in the Appearances section when they are hovered over. Then you would have to set the hover state for each of those buttons to that new appearance in the Controls section.
NinjaSaus's avatar
Just wondering, do you know any good site with a good explanation of the all stuff that you can find in the .res file? I have tried [link] but it doesn't explain the things very well.

You see, I'm completely new to this stuff and all I have find is tutorials on how to install the skin (which I already know.) But maybe you know any place where everything is explained/where you started to learn the steam skinning.

Don't get me wrong, with your explanation you gave me, I could give the buttons a hover state with huge success because they just needed the colors to be changed. Thanks for that btw! :)

Also, is there a way to reload the skin without restarting steam? Just thinking about my poor friends I have on steam, that get the popup message I'm online all the time..
rthaut's avatar
You can reload the skin with CTRL + ALT + R, but if you modify images you must restart Steam for the changes to appear.

Unfortunately there is no good source of documentation; I learned simply through trial and error, as there were no other skins in existence at the time for me to start from. However, there really isn't much reason to look into it now, as the new UI is nearing release, and all of the older skins do not work with it at all.
NinjaSaus's avatar
Ah okay, thanks for tips.

Yeah I've tried the new UI but I didn't like it. That's when I found this very pretty skin via a person on the steam forums.

I'm thinking of doing my own skin when the new UI has been releases, but I guess I have to do as you, learn through trial and error.

Thanks for all the replies and everything. Keep up the hard work!
NinjaSaus's avatar
Ok thank you, sorry to bother you with such small thing.

This is the best looking skin I ever had on steam, thank you for making it. :)
xentrox's avatar
Best steam skin that will ever be made. Hands down.
1The-One1's avatar
This is AWESOME, thanks. :)
bodom92's avatar
Love it.
I was just wondering, can we expect a l4d2 skin sometime in the future?
Thank-you for sharing your work with us all and for putting so much time and effort into it.
rthaut's avatar
I have no intentions of making an L4D2 skin. If I were to make a new skin, it would likely just have a different silhouette on the Games page. So there is no reason for me to actually release an L4D2 skin, since a simple modification like that can be made by nearly anyone and does not deserve to be released as a new skin.
bodom92's avatar
I know. I only realized that after leaving my comment though so I felt a bit stupid.
Anyway, thanks for replying.
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