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DeviantArt Filter v5.1.0

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Published: November 18, 2013
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Have you ever want to block/filter deviations (a.k.a. submissions) while browsing DeviantArt? Well now you can! Simply install DeviantArt Filter in your web browser of choice and start filtering by user, tag, and/or category.


Microsoft Edge Coming Soon


For detailed version information, please view the CHANGELOG on GitHub.

Version 5.1.0 is now available. Here are the new features:
  • Custom Placeholder Styles. You can now control the colors used for the placeholders on filtered deviations. Management Panel/Screen, go to the Options tab, and set the Background, Logo, and/or Text Colors for Placeholders. Note that these settings are ineffective if you have placeholders disabled.
  • Metadata Batch Size. A new (somewhat experimental) feature has been implemented to allow control over how much metadata is loaded at once (for category and tag filters). Setting this to a lower value may help your browsing performance.


Opening the Management Panel/Screen

  1. While on DeviantArt, click the red logo that appears on the right side of the address bar.
  2. The configuration screen will open automatically when you click the icon.

Creating and Removing Filters

You can filter deviations by artist, category, and/or tag through the management panel/screen.
  1. After opening the Management Panel/Screen, navigate to any of the Manage Users/Tags/Categories tabs.
  2. To create a new filter, use the form at the top of the tab.
    • For users, enter their username.
    • For tags, enter a single tag (no spaces), then choose if the tag should use wildcard matching.
    • For categories, select the parent category, then (optionally) select sub-categories.
  3. Use the table that is displayed below the form to view all of your existing filters.
    • You can sort the table by clicking the heading of any column.
    • You can page through your filters using the pagination controls in the lower-left corner.
    • You can choose how many filters are displayed per page using the controls in the lower-right corner.
  4. To remove a filter, click the Remove Filter button next to the filter you want to remove.

Exporting/Importing Filters

DeviantArt Filter allows you to export and import filters from a JSON file. This is mostly for keeping your filters in sync between browsers/computers, but is handy for backup purposes as well.
  1. After opening the Management Panel/Screen, navigate to the Import/Export Filters tab.
  2. To export your current filters to a JSON file, click the Export Filter Data button, then open/save the file when prompted (it will use your browser's native download functionality).
  3. To import filters from a JSON file, either drag and drop the file onto the designated box, or click the box to open a File Browser dialog and select your JSON file.
    • After the import has finished, a table showing the results of the import will be displayed. This includes how many filters were imported successfully, as well as how many filters failed to import (either because they were invalid or were duplicate).

Quick Hiding Users While Browsing

  1. While browsing on DeviantArt, when you see a deviation from a user you wish to filter, hover over the thumbnail image.
  2. An x icon will appear in the top-left corner of the thumbnail.
  3. Click on the x to filter that user.
Please file bug reports on GitHub.
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TerusTheBird's avatar
TerusTheBirdStudent Digital Artist
A requirement if you use deviantart a lot.
Now we just need a public blocklist (ideally split into different categories so you can pick what you want to get rid of)
LucaWox's avatar
Very useful, thank you.
AsumehRocks's avatar
AsumehRocksStudent General Artist
A couple of flaws...
1. It doesn't work on dA Eclipse, only on the old dA
2. Only works when you're on the main page of DeviantArt.

But other than that, it's actually really useful! Good job! Thumbs Up
MtgamesGnM's avatar
MtgamesGnMHobbyist General Artist
This looks very useful! Thank you for developing this!
KerenskyLI's avatar
Works pretty damn good.
Except where people don't properly tag their... art.

Still, it's way better than nothing.  Thank you!
ourogoro's avatar
omggg this is a life saver, thank you so much!!
Moboro123's avatar
Moboro123Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there a way to completely hide users? I'm annoyed to see certain users' cringy comments and filtering them didn't work.
mouthwideopen's avatar
i thought if you blocked people their comments couldnt appear to you
rthaut's avatar
rthautProfessional Interface Designer
You can fully block up to 500 users by following this article: www.deviantartsupport.com/en/a…
Moboro123's avatar
Moboro123Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know that, I just want to hide them completely so I wouldn't see them other peoples' pages either.
RicardoCabrera's avatar
RicardoCabreraProfessional Digital Artist
This is so great!!, thank you so much for this tool!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
BarcodeBattler's avatar
BarcodeBattlerHobbyist General Artist
This is excellence. Using it feels completely natural, it is like an immense and immediate improvement to the site.
You're a credit to both the site and good taste, as each user may freely define for themselves.

Thank you for both the hard work it took to make and diligence it must take to keep it working.

Best wishes.
Prolapseteriat's avatar
Have you ever considered adding group filtering?
rthaut's avatar
rthautProfessional Interface Designer
Do you mean filtering out an entire group, or filtering out some items (by user/tag/category) within a group?
Prolapseteriat's avatar
I guess group where like users, you can blacklist individual groups by typing them, or by proxy where if something is featured within a group with other pieces that are on the blacklist for one of the filtering considerations, and I'd wager that groups tend to be dedicated to one thing, that the other piece could also automatically be blocked and I feel it would be important to tackle groups on some level as because tagging on deviantart is not mandatory, a lot of pieces slip through the cracks, but tend to be featured within a group that may also have pieces that are tagged, so if a piece is featured in a group with something on the blacklist, that piece also gets blacklisted. 
CelesteSpaniel's avatar
CelesteSpaniel General Artist
Hi! There seems to be some kind of problem. Some images seem to slip through the filters and show up anyway, despite having the same tags as others that have been removed. This happens with tags, and with categories :S
pmmecovfefe's avatar
Could you code it for brave?
Sarsath's avatar
Do you have a Safari version?
rthaut's avatar
rthautProfessional Interface Designer
No, there is not a version for Safari.
Sarsath's avatar
Could you make one?
TheApatoNamedLarry21's avatar
TheApatoNamedLarry21Student Artist

I wish this works on eclipse. I want to block out all those FNaF shipping fan-arts.

rthaut's avatar
rthautProfessional Interface Designer
I am slowly working on support for Eclipse, but I do not have any planned timeline.
Daemon-Illusionum's avatar

Sweet! Thanks a lot for making this. ^^

TastesLikeGreen's avatar
Huh, that's weird. I can block users with the X in the corner of thumbnails, but I can't manually add category or tag blocks, when I go to the options page for those things it just says "{{labels.create}}" at the top, then a button that says "{{labels.createFilter}}" and doesn't seem to do anything, and then below that, a little box that says
"{{showingFilterCount()}} {{labels.filtered}}".
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