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it was a Sunday afternoon.
the room became grotesquely cold
but she didn’t feel like turning the air off.
she inched into a ball, lying above the covers,
neck bent, cheek resting on the back of her hands.
thusly, her mind began to hibernate.
and it was in these circumstances
that strange and inexplicable
things began to happen.
faces, frame after frame,
partaking in a mental slideshow
glowed brightly beneath her eyelids,
recognized to be every one of her friends.
each face resulted in genuine smiles and laughs.
she finally opened her eyes, long after
the sun embarked on its descent.
the air still boasted fine icicles,
but her heart was warmed.
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The Three Trials by Rtemis The Three Trials :iconrtemis:Rtemis 0 1
The Allure
The allure
Foot of the stairs, here we go.
My hands move up the lacquered,
pale gray metal and it makes
a promising rustle.
My heart screams no, but I smile.
My feet settles into a rhythmic ascension and
I'm lost in the sensation.
A new beginning.
The light it bathes me,
caresses me, marries me
in an altar of smooth, clear white.
Baby, makes me feel.. alright.
I step towards that window
glass unlocked and wind
blowing back my hair.
It's like the school's
courting me
in a slow, sensual dance
that just
A new beginning indeed.
I close my eyes,
if just, for a moment,
if just, for an instant.
The sin.
I can't stop it
It's calling my name, in a murmur.
My mind screams for the halt
I can't, no I mustn't.
My arms graze the stainless steel
and I look up.
Turn the corner, third floor.
The breeding ground
for fertile minds,
it offers me something
that I can not refuse.
No way I can misconstrue
a promise, a promise
for change.
Something new.
Something like, a beginning.
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Urban Travels in the Mind
Urban Travels in the Mind
For the time being, no introduction is necessary. The prose starts in the middle of the presumed page, right at that moment where Mici knocks back a breath of air. There are neither geographical hints as to where she is nor any suggestion of the particular time period. Gray and colorless from the winter breeze, she punches the lining of her coat pocket in a futile attempt to keep warm. She has no destination. Well this is not to say she’s destitute, forced to wander the streets, but no, for the time being, no financial background is necessary either. In fact, a series of events will lead her to question her very existence so her real name, realistically, is unnecessary.
She stares at the ground, putting her foot in front of the other, in a slow steady motion, hardly noticing where she’s going. Yes, she’ll be walking for the rest of this story. It’s her passion, it’s a habit. Indeed so engrossed is she in her little act of locomotion th
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Each foot smashing into the next shallow stone slab,
Arms flailing, trying to keep balance on the muddy pathway
No time to enjoy the scenery,
no time.
The body compelled forward and a bend comes into view
and gravity gives it its all.
That’s what happened half an hour ago.
When survival was crucial.
If felt real, the fear, the frozen looks of vigilance
traversing through the five of us underneath the bridge.
Somehow I kept thinking, “refugees, refugees”
clearly I couldn’t string two separate words together,
but eventually when I caught my breath,
I thought,
“so this is how it is.”
The Refugee Run, earlier in the week,
I experienced the same terror
But here, it was free.
There were no mental limits, it felt as if I was running away
from someone I couldn’t place. He was the face of every stranger,
nobody was free from suspicion.
I’m safe now, but playing back the memory,
I could pinpoint where I hugged the sharp hill, my body mimicking its
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Nina Schneider
Current Residence: Guangzhou, China
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Personal Quote: "Everything happens for a reason" & "Don't regret what you can't change


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