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Natural, beautiful women!
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Support the art of a talented DevArtist...
This journal entry is to let know that one of my top favorite artists on DA is now accepting commissions!
:icondrathe: has wonderful talent and her drawing are worth for your cash so I suggest you to go to her profile, see what she can do and make an order!
She needs to get through a surgery so anything that you can ask her to do will be deeply appreciated. Here's her journal entry for details-->
:iconvegetapr69:vegetapr69 3 2
Heart ID by p-o-c-k-e-t Heart ID :iconp-o-c-k-e-t:p-o-c-k-e-t 154 71 What... 01 by DesingAHV What... 01 :icondesingahv:DesingAHV 238 17 Happy Shadow Hollydays 08 by DesingAHV Happy Shadow Hollydays 08 :icondesingahv:DesingAHV 399 40
Surgery Benefit Auction for DA's own Drathe
My dear friend, the incredibly lovely and talented :icondrathe: , is in need of your assistance. She has an operation scheduled for November 14th to remove a benign neoplasm from her skin before it has a chance to become malignant. Needless to say, surgery isn't cheap anywhere.. and that's where you and I come in.
In Polish currency ( called zloty ), she needs to raise 1350 zl... at current exchange rates, roughly 475 U.S. dollars.
So, I'm getting the ball rolling by donating $60 myself. That brings the goal down to 440 dollars, and with the math, lowers the "per person" amount needed to 1.09. I can't do it all by myself though, so I am going out on a limb and asking everyone to help out. Make a cash donation directly to her, commission a piece of her artwork on any level, donate artwork/subs/features for an auction I will hold on 11/8. Anything at all helps!
And please.. mention this in your next journal updates if at all possible. This is one benefit I intend to be a success
:iconrtalon235:Rtalon235 7 11
Rei by WordofSorrow by Ambra-Lioness
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Rei by WordofSorrow :iconambra-lioness:Ambra-Lioness 9 15



Lord Naughty
United States
Main Entry: Mike Talon
Pronunciation: \mīk\ \ˈta-lən\
Function: noun
Etymology: Unknown Origin
Date: Late 20th Century

1-a: Wolf/Human hybrid known to inhabit sparsely inhabited regions of Southern North America 1-b: Purported to be myth or fantasy due to his reclusive nature, rarely captured on film or video 2: Ironically, an expert on human and human hybrid females, particularly in the areas of breasts 3: Shameless boob whore

Encyclopedia Entry

This elusive creature is generally soft spoken and non-violent by nature, resorting to violence only when directly confronted. An abject admirer of the female form, he is easily coerced by topless women of all shapes and sizes, but rarely if ever reveals his own features to them, preferring to use his words and deeds.

Current Residence: Why? You want to touch me or something?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Like people buy me things..
Print preference: Damn a print - I want originals!
Favourite genre of music: Metal. What else?
Favourite photographer: ME!
Favourite style of art: Manga, realist
Operating System: Yeah right.
MP3 player of choice: The one that works
Shell of choice: Eh?
Wallpaper of choice: Wolves
Skin of choice: Bare naturally!
Favourite cartoon character: Wyle E. Coyote
Personal Quote: The last thing on earth you want is my undivided attention.

Man, I hate work sometimes

Journal Entry: Wed May 30, 2012, 7:07 AM
Autism Awareness by Rankuu RTalon235 Gift by p-o-c-k-e-t

The RTalon235 Groupies!

:iconbrokenapollo: Groupie :D by BrokenApollo :iconsan-s-raine: Save The Raine by san-s-raine
:iconambuh-linn: Rtalon Groupies by ambuh-linn :iconambuh-linn: Rtalon235 v.I by ambuh-linn
:iconblumascara: hey y'all by Blumascara :iconmagicpotion: Rtalon235 Groupie by magicpotion

Wanna be a groupie and have a permanent feature here in my journal? It's simple! Just draw your own OC however you like, and then add "RTalon235 Groupie" somewhere on the image. The more interesting, the better! A skimpy t-shirt, panty waistband, titled at the bottom, tattooed on rear ends, top of the image, whatever floats your boat. You post them, I'll link them permanently. :nod:

OR, just post a picture of yourself! Let's show the world exactly how you react to the mention of my name. :devilish:

Nobody needs cash eh?

First and foremost, my incredible friend :iconmagicpotion: needs our help. Check out her journal for all the details!

There are just some times that work never, EVER seems to end... and I've had about a month of those times so far, with no real end in sight. :faint: I'm so behind with life outside work, I really do wonder if it's even possible to catch up.

I must admit that I am rather surprised that I have received so few entries for the contest... 3 art pieces, and zero photographed pieces. In a way it makes it harder since if I don't receive any more entries, two out of 3 will walk away with cash, and I do NOT like the idea of that at all... so what I would probably end up doing in that scenario is taking prize money from the photo section of the contest so nobody walks away empty handed. :no: At any rate, before I dwell on it too much and get depressed, here are the entries so far:

Mature Content

No Boobs for Mike! by magicpotion
by :iconmagicpotion:   :thumb301065190: by :iconchaseofhighway:

Mature Content

Access Denied by teturo
by :iconteturo:    by :icont3h3r3ee:   

Mature Content

None for you. by BrokenApollo
by :iconbrokenapollo:   :thumb305482758: by :icont3h3r3ee:

Now get outta here and show them some love for these amazing pieces! :nod:


Okay, so technically it's the "No boobs for Mike" contest, but "Covered Chests" seems more appropriate since it's not a gender specific contest. And hell, it rhymes with contest. :shrug:

ANYHOO, after much debate, I've decided to make this a dual category contest. Why? Let's face it.. since I am a completely shameless boob whore, I freely admit that a photograph would hold more judging weight with me than a drawn piece of the same image. So, the dual category takes that temptation off my mind, and hopefully will make more people enter since they know a drawing won't be held to the same standards as a photograph, and vice versa. Make sense?

Mature Content

My worst nightmare by Rtalon235

Mature Content

Seductively innocent by Rtalon235

Mature Content

Mikes Nightmare 1 by Whazizname

So yeah, this contest is ENTIRELY about denial, as you can plainly see from the nomworthy image above, sadistically provided by the lovely Littography , my own Aina by DesingAHV and Whazizname 's yuri masterpiece. Your challenge is to deny me. That's right, the shameless boob whore you all know and despise is clearly stating that I actually want to be denied. Drawn or photographed. Are you up to the task?

The contest starts as of right now, and will run until midnight, June 26th. Winners will be announced on July 1st. So without further ado, here are the guidelines for each category:

Art Images

1. Breasts or chests MUST be covered. The degree and type of coverage are up to the artist. Remember, the idea is to DENY the full view, not revel in it. ( Man, I must be losing my mind... ) The rest of the character can be covered or uncovered. Entirely up to you.

2. Entries MUST be posted after the contest start date.

3. Entries MUST have the contest statement somewhere in the image. Any of the following are acceptable, but if you have a better idea, I'm always open to suggestion.

*No ____________ ( boobs, breasts, chests, cleavage, rack, nipples, etc )  for Mike/RTalon235*

4. ANY character/characters are permitted. If using a character belonging to someone else ( a friend, copyrighted character, etc ) , then acknowledgement and/or permission MUST be made in the comments. My characters are available as well if you want to use them, but it won't earn you any extra leverage.

5. Multiple entries are accepted, as are commissioned works from non-artists. In cases of commissioned pieces, the prize goes to the commissioner, so make sure you're commissioned artist is aware that it's a contest piece. Any "deals" made with a commissioned artist are the responsibility of the commissioner to honor, not me. :P

Photo entries

1. Breasts or chests MUST be covered. The degree and type of coverage are up to the photographer/model. Remember, the idea is to DENY the full view, not revel in it. ( Man, I must be losing my mind... ) The rest of the image can be covered or uncovered. Entirely up to you.

2. Entries MUST be posted after the contest start date.

3. Entries MUST have the contest statement somewhere in the image. The statement CANNOT be photoshopped in. As with the reference image the contest is based on, the statement must be a part of the original image. Write it on paper, use body paint, have a placard, whatever. Spell it out with Cherrios if you want... Just don't try to fake it. I will find out. Any of the following are acceptable, but if you have a better idea, I'm always open to suggestion.

*No ____________ ( boobs, breasts, chests, cleavage, rack, nipples, etc )  for Mike/RTalon235*

4. Since I know that some folks are, shall we say "shy", you CAN submit a cropped image that does not reveal the model's face or other identifying areas ( tattoos and such ). HOWEVER, in the interest if fairness, the uncropped image MUST be shown to me in private so I can verify that it is legitimate and not a random piece "borrowed" from another source. No, you don't have to send it to me. Just note me with a link so I can do a side by side comparison.

*** IF someone wishes to enter completely anonymously, that can be arranged as well. I will create a temporary id so entrants can participate without identifying who they are. Unless of course your real name is "Entry A" ! :lmao:

5. Multiple entries ARE accepted as long as they are unique pieces. For example, The same model with the same pose/sign from 3 different angles does NOT count. The same model with 3 entirely different poses and levels of coverage IS accepted. As they say, the more the merrier! :lmao:

6. And finally, models MUST be of legal age in the United States - put bluntly, 18 and over.

The booty

For each category, there will be a first place and second place winner - 100 dollars cash to the best artwork, 100 dollars cash to the best photograph. 50 and 50 for second place. A total of 300 of my hard earned dollars you have a chance of getting your hands on. Let the madness begin! :excited:


Featured Artist!!!

Just.. wow. :wow: I didn't even stumble onto this artist. She caught my attention by joining :iconshamelessfanatics: and mentioning that she does commissions. Naturally I checked her work out, and as is obvious here, she earned a spot on my watchlist. Check her out!!

:thumb288443233: Echidna_Bane_Commission by Axcido Iron Maiden Bolivia She-Eddie by Axcido


Personally commissioned and recommended Artists!
:iconmaejix:   :iconmadydiu:   :iconp-o-c-k-e-t:   :iconspeedyhimura:   :iconsyrynvalentyne:   :iconhitmann:   :iconalchemy-rose:   :iconxenokurisu:   :icontrigger-stormfire:   :iconnai26:   :icondesingahv:   :iconfirefly8083:   :iconjoehentai:   :icont3h3r3ee:   :iconmoonbtch:   :icondoublem:   :iconsan-s-raine:   :iconolayavalle:   :iconkai-chama:   :icondrathe:   :iconmagicpotion:   :icondarkshadowartworks:   :iconhentaineko:   :icontheshii: :iconc-e-p-h:   :iconu-liri:   :iconambuh-linn:   :iconxxoceanskyxx: :iconbettypimm:  :iconteturo:

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