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Haku/Kohaku Amigurumi (Spirited Away)

[b]As always, questions and comments are welcome and appreciated![/b]

First, many thanks to aphid777 for her AWESOME PATTERN GO GIVE HER LOVE.

Second, I am so proud of this. This is fantastic, I'm in love with him. I haven't made anything for myself for a long time (since Casey, really), and....He's just perched on my piano now.

For specs, check out the pattern! Otherwise, he's random bulk buy white yarn, Vanna's Choice, wire, and old pillow!
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Jun 28, 2014, 5:58:40 PM
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hi . could you please say number of the crochet hook that you used? thank you 
What gage wire did you use for his body?
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I'm not entirely sure; my dad is a home renovator, and he gave me a large spool of blue-wrapped electrical wire that I use for all my large wire projects. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

Maybe I can though? The original pattern came from aphid777 , perhaps ask them what they used?

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He's amazing! This is really fantastic work!
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Thank you so much!
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Whoaaaa... He's huge.
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For his size, he really didn't take all that long; I suppose it's cause he's big but snake-like instead of bulky!
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Awesome!!!!  Another Haku plush in this world to brighten up our lives! :dummy:  Yours looks so much bigger than the one I made :O but the size makes him look all the  more majestic! ^_^  Thank you so much for sharing!  I can't tell people enough how much I enjoy seeing works made from my patterns! :la:
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Wow!  This is amazing! :D

Good work!
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Thanks very much!
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You're welcome!

Quick question!  Where can you get the wire that makes it poseable?
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The thick wire running through his body is 14 gauge electrical wire (solid) that my dad had lying around. It's covered in plastic that makes it safe and nice to handle and is thick enough to support weight without being too thick to fit in tips of tails or noses.The wire in his horns and whiskers is picture frame wire, and is braided.
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Oh.  Thank you!

I've been really interested in using wires with amigurumi.  I'm thinking about trying it. :)
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Yep! You can get the big posing wire at any hardware store :D
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Thanks!  I've been wondering where I could get some!
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He lives on my upright piano at the moment; he indeed looks cool and majestic :3
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That's fantastic! He's so dang long~

Also awesome that you're using aphid777's patterns too! I'm about to post a Sylveon I made using her pattern!
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SO EXCITED TO SEE THAT! I missed you buddy!!
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