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Owlgem's Spend a Day With Your OC Meme
Seeing I can't draw, I decided to write scenes instead!

Chose an OC

2. How do you greet your OC for the first time?

O'Hare Airport

Any place of mass transit in the Windy City is guaranteed to have swarms of people; normally, this makes it hard to spot one particular face in the crowd (yes, even when it's on someone with blue skin, claws, and a mane - we get some weirdos in this city!). Especially if the person in question is short.

However, when she's more nerve-ridden the larger a crowd gets, it's not so hard to follow the whimpering sounds to the corner of the terminal exit.

"Tyrinore!" I called, waving my arms to try to get her to see me, then poking my husband's side. "You're taller; hold up the sign I made, get her attention."

"Alright." Steve said, taking the brightly colored sign with the girl's name on it. "If she's this skittish now, how's she going to handle going Downtown with you?"

"We'll deal with that tomorrow, but I have something in mind." I said, smiling warmly to greet the girl as she slinked over.

"Trish?" she squeaked, looking at me anxiously.

"Yep, welcome to my world and the city I hate." I laughed, pulling her into a hug, and she instantly clung to me. "Careful with those claws, magelet..."

"GetmeoutofhereNOWplease." she whimpered


3. Does your OC like you after the first impression?

Koweski Home

Skype conversation:
Jaris: So? How was it? Die of embarrassment yet?

Tyrinore: Hahaha. After rescuing me from that mob today, I shan't complain about her too readily.

Jaris: Mob? What, get people after you for your appearance? Knew that lot look too much like Elyos...

Tyrinore: Oh, no, no... was just more crowded in that small area when I got off the flight than at a fortress battle!

Jaris: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Wish I could've seen that, bet you freaked out, didn't you?

Tyrinore: Brat... you know, at least she hasn't teased me too badly or anything. Yet. I don't trust that grin regarding my "street clothes" when I accompany her in the morning...

Jaris: Hmm... I'm sure it'll  be fine, how much worse could it be than your usual lovely, flattering clothes?


1. What clothes will she wear in our normal world?

"Here you go! I bought it just for you from a shop near my office." I said with a grin. The Asmodian looked at me skeptically before closing the door to change in private. After some fumbling and a gasp, I hear her let out a quiet growl;

"Triiiish, I haaaate you!"

The top was a tight black sleeveless with silver bands outlining the low-cut V-neck and the bottom; the dark blue jeans I'd given her clung to her thighs and hugged her butt in a very flattering way. She crossed her arms as she stepped out of the closet and glared at me.

"What? It looks great!" I said, biting back a grin.

"So why can't I just wear one of your baggy hoodies?" Tyrinore sighed, looking back at one of my large black hoodies hanging on the rack.

"Because you'll look way too emo." I said lightly, snapping a quick picture of her with my cell phone, intent on uploading it to my computer later.

"You just like embarrassing me." she grumbled. "And don't you DARE share that picture..."

"Oh - you'll need this, too." I said, giving her my long, fuzzy black scarf. She took it with a raised eyebrow.

"If it's that cold, won't this outfit be too chilly to wear out?" Tyrinore asked, sounding optimistic.

"Point one - you wear flattering cloth armor in a permanently frozen and snowy place on a regular basis."

"...okay, can't argue against that one. Point two?"

"It's more for the smell than the cold. Downtown is HORRIBLE. Besides, I also have these for you for the cold." I said, presenting her with a black leather jacket lined with faux fur and a matching pair of boots. "Don't take too long, we need to head out soon."


4. Where do you take her first?

"Ladies, we need to get going, or we'll have to wait for the next one!" Steve called up the stairs.

"Sorry to have to take you Downtown with me, Tyri. But at least it's Friday, so we won't be there that horribly long." I told her as we headed downstairs and out the front door.

"So, I'll be sitting in your office for a few hours with you, bored out of my mind as well? What fun..." Tyrinore said sarcastically.

"Nah, I have something in mind." I said with a grin.

"I don't know if I trust you grinning this early..." the other girl said as she climbed into the backseat of the car.

"Don't be, you'll enjoy yourself, I promise." I assured her.

"Dropping her off at a strip club?" Steve joked. "It would make up for the train ride; I remember what a bitch that was when I went down there..."

"H-He's joking, right?" Tyrinore asked uneasily, blushing slightly.

"Don't worry, the earlier trains aren't very crowded at all. The noon train... well, we'll find a seat together, I'm sure." I said, leaning my seat back as we drove to the station.

"This better be worth it." Tyrinore grumbled as she spotted the small groups of people waiting along the platform for the train as I ushered her up onto it, and onto the train.

"Wake me up when they call our station stop." I yawned, leaning against the window. Tyrinore huddled close to me, gripping my work bag with her claws.

"We'reherepleasewakeup." she squeaked, shaking me when we arrived. I grumbled something indistinct and yawned, leading her off the train and down through the tunnel leading street-side. After a few blocks, I stopped and pushed open one of the double doors of a very large building.

"My office is still a few more blocks up, but I figured you'd prefer to kill time here. Welcome to the largest library in Chicago. Several floors of books should keep you occupied, I'll come grab you after I get lunch and it's time to head for our train." I said with a bright smile.

"A few hours won't be near enough..." Tyrinore murmured in awe and excitement before rushing off.


5. It's lunchtime. How is your OC fairing out so far?

"The sandwich will tide us over until we get home." I said, handing her half of my submarine sandwich as we took our seats on the Eastbound train. "I'll make pasta when we get back home."

"What's on this?" Tyrinore asked as she cautiously took a bite of the sandwich.

"Ham, cheese, onion, mayo, and sauce. No idea what the sauce is, but it's good." I said, handing her a napkin. "Careful, they drip easily. Will go right down your cleavage, and I would totally have to take and send a picture of that."

"Argh, you would, too..." she grumbled, taking it carefully. "Okay, so from watching it being made, mayo is the white spread... I know what the cheese is... what're the other two?"

"Onion is a vegetable, like zeller or krimer... not sure what the exact parallel would be, if any." I said thoughtfully. "Ham is the meat."

"I like it. Is there an equivalent to it?" Tyrinore asked curiously.

"Yes... finish your sandwich if you like it. Still a while until we get home." I said hesitantly.

"Huh? Why, what is it?" Tyrinore asked, lowering the sandwich and looking at me questioningly.

"It's... well, porgus." I sighed. She looked down at her half-eaten sandwich, then wrapped it back up and handed it to me.

"So... pasta?" Tyrinore asked.


6. It's your OC's turn to chose where to go next!

"Oh, come on, tomorrow's Saturday, so it's not like you can't go!" Tyrinore said.

"I am not going to Beluslan to help you stalk him. I'll freeze to death!" I said, crossing my arms.

"Elyos manage it, and they're not much better suited for the cold." the magelet insisted.

"Why don't we just go to Reshanta while we're at it?" I said sarcastically.

"Oh, don't be silly; you can't fly, and I'm too weak to carry...." she stopped, grinning impishly at a sudden thought.

"Oh no... I know that look..." I groaned.


The Abyss, Ateria

"How's she going?" Tyrinore called back with a big grin, giggling.

"Whimpering, threatening yo kill you or worse; the same." Jaris laughed, looking back at the girl clinging to his back. "Pretty predictable, really."

"At least Elyos won't bother her, seeing she's close enough in appearance to them; be a dear, and dive down here?" Tyrinore said, smirking.

"NO!" I screeched.

"Payback is a bitch, isn't it?" Jaris purred.


7. Evening is falling. Where do you go now and what do you do there?

"It's so damn dark here." I grumbled as they led me down the streets of Pandemonium.

"Oh, yes, having to cling to me must be such torture." Jaris said lazily.

"Come on, I owe her a drink or two for that trip to the Abyss." Tyrinore laughed, heading into Apellbine Tavern.

"I have no idea if there even is the equivalent of rum and coke here." I grumbled.

"I don't recommend hard liquor anyways." Jaris said, patting my shoulder lightly.

"Here, try some of my drink." Tyrinore said, offering her glass.

"I don't care for wine." I said.

"From what I recall, your wine is more like vinna. This is much sweeter, and bubbly." the magelet told her.

"Well... alright, I'll try it." I said hesitantly.


8. You get roaring drunk, what does your OC do? [Gee, wonder how I got drunk? :P]

"Come on, one blast of ice won't kill her." Tyrinore said, looking down at the girl passed out on the chanter's lap.

No. She's human, and you always underestimate your own power. As your player, killing her does you in as well, and I have no idea if I'd be able to resurrect her." Jaris said, then grinned at her. "Jealous of her on my lap, are you?"

"N-No..." Tyrinore mumbled, blushing slightly despite herself. "I don't suppose we could call Sheldred or someone to carry her back to our barracks?"

"No need, I can carry her." Jaris said, picking me up. Tyrinore grumbled something under her breath and followed him.

"Toss her on my bunk. Mr. Porgles is similar enough to her stuffed animal, she should be alright." Tyrinore said.

"Nah, I figured I'd let her share my bed with us, have a cute girl snuggled up to either side of me." Jaris said teasingly.

"You know I can safely torch you the moment you set her down..." Tyrinore grumbled, blushing all the more.


10. Did the two of you share any quirks or similarities?

Tyrinore and I stood, eye to eye, hair hanging over our faces, looking through our glasses at each other. She rested her freckled face against her stuffed porgus known as Mr. Porgles as I hid my freckles against the back of Buddy bear's head.

"You made me far more shy and introverted than yourself. And I barely ever see you read." Tyrinore commented.

"When I was younger, it was impossible for me to talk to people, especially anyone I found attractive. I always hid behind my book, be it one I was reading or my current story journal." I told her.

"Oh... well, suppose I don't feel so bad, then. After all, as Bix has said, I'm the equivalent of 16." Tyrinore said, rolling her eyes.

"Ladies, either of you happen to know who took my towel?" A disgruntled, soaked from a shower Jaris growled behind them.

"Who, me?" Tyrinore and I both said simultaneously with innocent grins.

"Do I look like such a trickster?" I said with an impish grin.

"Not at all! And I'm sweet, innocent, kind, and good!" Tyrinore giggled with a matching grin.

"Yea, and I'm celibate monk." Jaris said sarcastically, crossing his arms.


11. Despite whether they liked you or not, what did your OC LIKE most about you?

Tyrinore tapped a claw against her lips thoughtfully for a moment; "Well, she does spend a proper amount of time with me, and not all her stories involving me are that bad... ...just most of them..."


12. What did they DISLIKE most about you?

"Let's just say, I'd rather stay out of her dreams, to avoid the WORST of what she's written about me, much of which isn't posted anywhere... for a damn good reason." Tyrinore said, crossing her arms. "And she could've lightened up a bit on the dark past, you know?"


13. Say your emotional goodbyes

Tyrinore opened up a gate to Pandemonium on the patio.

"Did you have to do this somewhere so... noticeable?" Steve asked.

"Oh, it'll be gone in a few minutes anyways." I said, shoving past him to pull her into a hug. "I'll see you from the other side of the screen in a bit."

"Take better care of me, you hear?" Tyrinore said with a soft smile, returning the hug. "No more running out of flight time in the Abyss, flying into packs of Elyos, or such. And start writing some more nicer stuff, got it? I'll take sickeningly cutesy non-canon over dark questionable content or such, got it?"

"I make no promises." I said, lightly tugging on her tail. "Even if I don't write them, I can't control my dreams."

"Learn to, dammit!" Tyrinore said with a small grin before jumping through the game.


14. Will your OC ever think of coming back to visit?

Tyrinore sat and thought over the events of the weekend.

"Well... there was still a lot more I could've read at that library... so, yea, I probably would." the magelet said with a nod, then grinned impishly. "Especially if I get to drag her back with me again, hehhehheh..."


15. Welcome back to reality! Now tag some people, 'cept don't co you never do, you lazy bastards


Dooo eeeet!!! 8D
And I had no idea what category to dump this into xD
I saw :iconcanadian-rainwater:'s version of this meme and wanted to try it. But given I am a crap artist, decided to go with writing scenes for it instead!
I switched them around into chronological order, but still listed the original question numbers. #9 was left out, 'cause I couldn't think of any way to wrote with that one written.

Remember, these are in chronological order, not numerical :3

2. Don't ask me where she flew in from. xD But DAMN, if you've ever been to O'Hare, you'll know why she was fritzy-panicky, hehehehe xD

3. She's thrilled I got her away from the crowd now, but Jaris, you totally jinxed here! Thankfully, she was very careful typing at the keyboard with her claws... and was using Steve's computer, most likely, hehehe

1. Based on a real outfit, jacket, and boots that were on display at a shop between the train station and my office.
The scarf based on my own. And I VERY MUCH stand by the statement about the smell of Chicago >.<

4. That library is HUGE, she would love me for taking her there, hehehe. Though, she wouldn't care for taking the train with me to/from Downtown, very cramped and crowded usually - the earlier trains, which I don't take as much anymore, are more desolate, though

5. Hehehe... I know she loves porgus, hence I didn't want to tell her what ham/pork comes from. xD
Is there a vegetable like onions in Aion?

6. Damn girl KNOWS that I'm terrified of heights! D8

7. I imagine pressa drinks, coming from a berry, to be sweeter than regular wine... and bubbly ^^

8. I would've had to have drank VERY heavily to pass out... though after being taken to the Abyss, even if clinging to Jaris's back, I probably would have done so.
Also, there's a cut scene involving drunken Asmodian karaoke....

9. "The whole day is over. You're both exhausted and flopped on the couch. Draw this" - yea, sorry, can't draw :P

10. Tyrinore is very much based on a younger me, so she has a LOT of similarities to me xD

11 & 12: Quotes from Tyrinore seemed most fitting. And she both loves and hates my writings that she's involved in.

13. We probably harassed each other in a form of saying goodbye a good hour prior to this as well, hence her deciding to open the gate on my patio rather than in the basement or such.

14. There is no way I will EVER be taken to the Abyss!!! Screw you, magelet!!!

Tyrinore: Me
Jaris: :iconcanadian-rainwater:
Aion: NCSoft
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