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Side chest flex - Animated Gif

By rssam000
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been working on this for the last 3 month - and by 3 months i mean working on it for 2 hours every week until i deiced to finish it in the last few days

based on the amazing Laura Binetti in this vid…

insted of taking references for first and last poses like i mostly do, then fill in-between frames by guessing where lines go.... for once i thought what if i did a full Rotoscoping over an actual video by tracing over every frame of it one by one into animation, the benefit is while maintaining good details for each frame the shapes may not be  constant... but it tuned out good in the end, i had to do some retouches by adding some more frames by myself, and fixing the head position, in first draft the head was like floating unconnected with movement to the body, i think this is much better

hope you like it

bigger size GIF and source Photoshop file is available for patrons…
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Really good!! 💪
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I know it's extremely time-consuming, but there definitely needs to be more Rotoscoping of real footage of FBBs into anime girls because it's an AWESOME idea! Scenes like Sarah Hayes' tremendous side chest (big biceps, round shoulders and everything) or Lisa Winston's insane most muscular (all that ripped, shredded and vascular beef Drooling Billie Joe emoticon ) would work like a charm.

Congratulations rssam000. This looks great!
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awesome work. i really need to know how to animate
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It's so smooth, nice work.
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it's no wonder i was immediately impressed and drawn into this animation despite it being EXTREMELY OFF-PUTTING (NO OFFENSE HOLY SHIT) like we have definitely entered into the uncanny valley here just kinda headfirst cannonball style i am actually really fucking weirded out by this

ANYWAYS this is an incredible display of what dedication to something can turn out like, i honestly love the fact that you rotoscoped this, it really does look truly "realistic" which is why it weirds me out so much, because i look at her face and while it absolutely does seem to be connected to the body, it definitely seems like it does not belong there! lmao i don't know how to describe that really. this is honestly a fantastic (and terrifying) animation and i love/hate it so very much. you are giving a gift to the world.
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Awesome great work
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wow just amazing, epic work
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Nice smooth animation. :)
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machio-san would be proud :happybounce: 
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Looks amazing rssam000! Would love to see it colored with clean line Yamato Cute Shy Blush Icon Rem Hearts 
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Splendid animation!
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This is literally so fucking funny because without the fetish context its just some really swole anime chick
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LMAO i feel exactly the same way like
i hate this so much but on the other hand i actually love it ... SO FUCKING MUCH DUDE there are so many things wrong and so many things RIGHT with this that i'm entirely unsure how to actually feel about it
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Ms muscle fanservice
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Excelent job of animation!
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