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That Ambrehhh portrait painting sure is a hit.  Thanks for all of the views, comments and favs!  I'm stoked at the reception.    I've never received that much of a response on here before and never expected it!

Also, I'm hoping to be getting back into making art on a regular basis!  One big reason I haven't been doing anything outside of being creative at work creating ads, web graphics, direct mail and such, is my 2005 PowerBook has been slowing dying and is far too outdated to function well.  It's a pain.  But!  I decided to treat myself this past Christmas for a change and I have a new 27" iMac and Wacom Tablet Intuos5 on the way.  Apple seems to be having a problem getting those new iMacs out right now.  I'm so anxious to get it!  

Much thanks to everyone that has stuck with me here on deviantART.  I've been very absent.  I wish I had the time to be on here all the time like I used to years back.

I'm glad 2012 is over.  It was a lousy year.  One thing after the other fell apart, but I'm feeling good in 2013.  Have to focus on the great things around me.
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