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By RSMRonda
Bought a Premium Membership so I can finally change this old username to match the one I use everywhere. As soon as the new membership kicks in, I'll be RSMRonda on here.
RSMLittrell is the one I created when I was about 12 years old when I was a huge fan of Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys. I'm 31 years old now, time for this account to grow up too Giggle

It's the year of change.  I'm also changing my health and appearance.  I have a goal to get down to 125-130 lbs.  I was 280 last year. As of today I'm 244. Long way to go but I'm eating much better and getting off of my butt.
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Best of luck to you fellow deviant!
I like your new profile picture too,
very flattering for you. (:
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Thank you! And yes, I need all of the luck, LOL.
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LOL, i didn't know that's where the "Littrell" came from.  That's hilarious.
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Yup.  I was a dedicated coughobsessedcough fan.