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That Ambrehhh portrait painting sure is a hit.  Thanks for all of the views, comments and favs!  I'm stoked at the reception.    I've never received that much of a response on here before and never expected it!

Also, I'm hoping to be getting back into making art on a regular basis!  One big reason I haven't been doing anything outside of being creative at work creating ads, web graphics, direct mail and such, is my 2005 PowerBook has been slowing dying and is far too outdated to function well.  It's a pain.  But!  I decided to treat myself this past Christmas for a change and I have a new 27" iMac and Wacom Tablet Intuos5 on the way.  Apple seems to be having a problem getting those new iMacs out right now.  I'm so anxious to get it!  

Much thanks to everyone that has stuck with me here on deviantART.  I've been very absent.  I wish I had the time to be on here all the time like I used to years back.

I'm glad 2012 is over.  It was a lousy year.  One thing after the other fell apart, but I'm feeling good in 2013.  Have to focus on the great things around me.
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I still come on dA to catch up every now and then!

Just wanted to say hi.  Been busy working, watching shows, eating better, exercising, taking care of my pets, etc.  My priority right now is weight loss.  We have a biggest loser type competition going on at work before our company cruise to Cozumel and I was already in weight lose mode anyway.  So far I'm down 31 lbs since the beginning of the year, but I didn't start taking it seriously until August.  So far so awesome!  My days of being overweight and unhealthy are numbered.

I hope all are well!
DeviantART keeps erroring on me.
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I'm not dead.  Just really busy with work and friends most of the time.  Any down time I have, I just sit there and watch TV and talk to people online :lol:  Haven't been making personal art, unfortunately.  I seem to be broken!  I don't like it.  It's been over a year since I made anything for fun or for myself outside of work.
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903 Deviations and 399 messages to check out.

This is what I get for not keeping up regularly :lol:
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Been at my job for a month now... which is why I appeared to fall off of deviantART world.  Sorry, loves!  
I love my job!!  I enjoy the work.  The people there are wonderful.  I even love the insane ans overloaded deadline week.  I survived my first and apparently their worst ever deadline week, so I guess I'm good to go :lol:  The longest days was 14 1/2 hours straight.  It was wild!
They've been putting me on as many hours as possible, so, I've been working much more than a normal part time job.  It's awesome.  I have a load saved up and I'm at the point where I can afford to move out of my mom's house.  I've been apartment shopping and I'm on the edge of picking a place.
Only bummer is my brother wrecked my car and someone needs to fix it, before I can drive it and get over this driving phobia.  Sigh.   
Anyway, I hope everyone has been doing well.  I've missed you!  Please forgive my absence.
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Hell yeah!  I'm officially an employed graphic designer in the field I wanted to be in, advertising design!
I'm starting out as part time first, but hopefully next year they'll take me on full time when they do their review.  Which means I'll be able to move out of my mom's house, pay her back, buy something nice every now and then, eat out every now and then, buy a cell phone that works, etc etc.... you know, LIVE like a normal human being :lol:

Gahhh, I'm so happy :D
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Apologies to anyone I've left hanging this whole time.  

I graduated and it was awesome.  But I can't find a job with my degree.  There doesn't seem to be much for entry level out there, especially not here locally.  The economy just sucks in every way.  It hasn't been easy.  A lot of my friends are out of work and are totally broke.  Fun times.  Fun times.  Things could be much worse and I do have my best friends at my side, so things are still good.  I keep smiling.  

I'm going to try and get back in the swing of things over here and finish projects I started.  I still have a gift image to finish first.

Anyway, I hope all is going well for everyone else.

Looks like this place has changed a bit since I was here last!

It's Spring... how about an update?!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2009, 6:20 PM
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I'm so done with the cold weather of winter.  Bring on the crazy heat!

Spring also means I'm graduating next month :o  Things are busy... obviously, since I'm rarely around the wonderful dA.  Things are getting down the wire... or they already are down to the wire and I'm just pretending it isn't yet, because I don't do the whole stressing thing anymore.  I'm scared, but more excited than anything.  I'll work in pretty much any area of graphic design, but I decided to focus on advertising.  I'm putting an advertising portfolio together.  I'm also considering going to graduate school someday years from now.  Lots of exciting things coming up.  We have the Portfolio Review day on the 18th where we sit down face to face with professionals that go over our work and give us feedback.  Then the Portfolio Show at the college on the 23rd.  Then it's graduation on the 25th.  Yikes!  

In February, I won an ADDY award!! :dance: A silver student award for a print ad campaign I did for Dogs Deserve Better.  It was an awesome night with my classmates.  Five of us won awards.  That was a big deal.  It's a great thing to have on my resume and I'm more confident thanks to it :)  Here's an article about it, clickie

Earlier this month, I dyed my hair black and violet :D  And I LOVE it.  My natural color is brown.  I have photos here of the process, clickie

Life is good.

My deviantART subscription is about to run out :(  One of these days when I have fun money, I'll buy a really long subscription.  Thanks so much to :iconclindhartsen: for the subscription I've had for the past 3 months :) :hug:

Woooo, 10,000 hits!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 2, 2009, 8:48 PM
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Thanks so much, to every person who has ever checked out my gallery.  Extra thanks to my watchers!  I really appreciate that you follow my work and I'm glad that you enjoy it.  Every hit, every comment, and every +Fav means a lot to me :) :hug:

*Drum roll*

:iconspandex: got the 10,000th hit!

10,000th hit by Spandex by RSMRonda

I'll send you a note, Spandex.

EDIT:  Just uploaded a new journal layout with my logo :D

Dude, my 10,000th pageview is coming!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 25, 2009, 11:22 PM
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If you get a screenshot of my 10,000th pageview, I'll draw and color you something of your choosing!

Sweet deal, no?


This is getting to be a regular thing...

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2009, 11:03 PM
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I'm likely not going to have much time for dA, I'm sad to say.  I just started my last semester when us graphic designers at Flagler take Graphic Design Portfolio.  Our professor seriously said we are going to be swamped and stressed like nothing else before.  Kinda scary, but I'm still excited to produce an amazing portfolio that hopefully will get me very far in my career!

BTW, Happy New Year, everyone :)  I hope 2009 is awesome for everyone.

Most importantly right now I want to thank Chris :iconclindhartsen: for being amazing and surprising me with a Christmas gift.  Notice I am subscribed again?  Yeah, that's all him!  I was blown away when I got the message from dA in my e-mail.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I have such wonderful friends :)

Please go and check out Chris's work. He's damn talented in graphics, writing, and photography. Quite obviously by my little selection here, I'm most attracted to his TV graphics. It's something I'd love to do myself!

SNC: Katrina Coverage by clindhartsen Never, NeverNever good enough for those around me
Always found with problems, issues...
Feeling like my family's disappointment,
Letting my sibling tear me to the ground;
Losing that which made me feel whole,
My one true hope, my one dream come true;
Void with only work, my purpose ever so lost,
Feeling no real meaning, no real reason to continue;
My joy of life gone, my true happiness missing,
The warm feeling of love lost deep in my memories;
A body that wants to be treated better,
but a person who doesn't see the point in it all;
The pain deep within, the pain shown outside,
Wrinkles, folds, tears, and all, exposed to the world;
The truth is I don't want this feeling to stay,
I want the companion of another, but don't know how to get it;
I'm a soul without a purpose, a body without a goal,
A heart without a love, a passion without a purpose
SNC: Original Titlecards by clindhartsen Work in Progress: Sky News by clindhartsen Clarity : Local News Mockup by clindhartsen
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I'll I have is next semester left and I'll be a college graduate in April.  I watched one of my close friends at Flagler College graduate today.  I came so close to balling my eyes out!  I'm so proud of her.  It was a great end to the semester to see her become an alumni of our college.

To add to that, I made straight A's in my 4 classes.  It's been a while since I've accomplished that!

I can't wait until next semester!!  Graphic Design Portfolio, here I come!
Is anyone else having problems seeing all of the thumbnails in my gallery?  They all work on the Safari browser for me, but they don't all work on the Firefox browser.
A bunch of my thumbnail images don't seem to be working in my gallery.  I've had this problem before!

As you can see my subscription ran out.  *sigh*  I can't afford to buy one at the moment.  
It was awesome while it lasted, thanks to Emmy!

My absence

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2008, 11:16 PM
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Sorry guys!  I haven't been spending a whole lot of time online.  Been busy with assignments, hanging out with friends, and generally enjoying being alive, LOL.  SO far I'm doing fabulous in my classes and the workload is nothing like the nightmare I went through last semester.  Thank goodness!
I'm backed up with messages, journals, deviations, and such.  I will get through them ASAP.
Missed you guys :)

Thinking positive

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2008, 11:45 AM
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  • Eating: Not a whole lot lately. I lost 20 lbs!!! Wooo!!
I need more time to figure all of this new journal CSS! You like the layout? Made possible by my dear friend, Emmy :iconerikakochanski: She bought me a subscription! How thoughtful is that?! I'm so thankful. It really brightened my day. And learning the CSS kept my mind busy off of negative thoughts. It's people like Emmy who show up and remind you, the internet is awesome. It may have it's downs too, but don't forget the great people you know online.

Happy Birthday, Emmy.

My layout is kinda blah, but I'll work on it.  I want nifty thumbnail sections and stamps sections... everything I have the ability to do with my subscription :XD:

Thanks so much to everyone who said words of support.  It makes a world of difference.  Sometimes I just need that smack back into my positive swing.  I'm not going to pretend all is well.  I may have lost someone I thought of as my best friend and that'll hurt for years.  But I know I have you guys and you always make me smile and laugh :)

Please, go and check Emmy out. She is a lovely person and has a gallery that will not ever disappoint you. Here's a few of her pieces.

:thumb95964920: :thumb87845673: :thumb31706524: :thumb60248270: :thumb33872496:
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Warning, this is the first really negative journal I've made in a long time.  But you can just click out.  I just need an outlet desperately.  

It's been rough lately.  I wonder how I should feel.  I'm confused and hurt.  No, I'm lucky... no one has died, I haven't lost a job... everything on the "normal" life front is seemingly fine.  Things should be great for me really.  That's what I thought.  I went from being depressed for years to being positive about life.  I figured whatever wasn't going well would seem a lot better through my new eyes.  A positive attitude is the key, right?

You may not have noticed I was away for a while very recently.  Nearly two weeks; although, I failed to stay away completely.  I was taking a break from the internet, because it's been getting me so down.  It's one thing after the other with people online.  I have gotten to the point where I fear checking my e-mail and participating online.  Totally opposite to when I used it to survive... when my life was so dark and e-mails from certain people was the light at the end of the tunnel.

DeviantART is pretty much the only place left that feels completely safe and warm.  I've never had a problem here.  It's just elsewhere.  I have friends that I have given my heart and soul to, because we struck up such great friendships and I appreciated everything they've shared with me.  I couldn't have wished for more.  I'd put everything aside for them.  But I feel so cold and bitter now towards the internet.  Too many unnecessary stresses and upsets.  It's so hard for me to deal with having friends that aren't acting like friends.  If I let myself cry, I could cry for days over it.  I don't understand how you can give so much of yourself to someone and out of nowhere they smack you around coming up with all sorts of false accusations and negative assumptions about you.  It's just gotten worse and worse.  What happened?  Where did things go wrong?  Will things get better?  I don't want to give up; I love my friends.

The only good thing I can say is that these days I know I don't deserve to be treated negatively.  I am loving, smart, as loyal as they come, honest, hardworking and I have a great sense of humor.  But sometimes I wish I could rewind back to the most miserable days of my life when I thought I was worth nothing, because these friendships seemed so much better back then.  

It makes no sense to me at all.
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Welp, it never reached hurricane status, so I was all disappointed and didn't go to the beach to watch the storm arrive.  But I underestimated Tropical Storm Fay.  It stalled right over us... the worst part of the storm for hours on end.  The rain and wind was crazy pretty much all day Thursday.  By midnight Friday it looked like a hurricane!  I was shocked and excited at that.  Of course being me, I ran outside to feel the worst of the wind and rain.

The power went out so many times I lost count.  The longest we were out was 13 hours.  One thing other than weather that was really awesome to see was all of the power transformers blowing up.  I don't know if any of you know what that is like.  It lights up the entire sky a brilliant bright turquoise color that fades into white and fades out.  That's another thing I lost count of.  For parts of the storm you couldn't see a couple houses down my suburban street it was raining and blowing so hard.  

I spent the night up watching our little battery-powered TV for the local coverage.  Channel 4 is the best news in Jax and in our surrounding areas.  Our main weather guy, John Gaughan, is the amazingest meteorologist ever (dude, marry me? :lol:).  Anyway, watched that until the signal went out at 4:30-ish AM.  It had been going in and out all night.  Woke up to more insane weather with the additional fun of tornadoes everywhere.  We were glued to the news tracking these things, because a few, one in particular, was headed right towards my area.  It never made it to our neighborhood, thank goodness.

Everything chilled out finally this evening.  We are still getting mild rain and gusts on and off.  The backyard is a mess.  Parts of trees are down or are barely hanging on by cracked branches.  Hearing things crash all night onto the roof was not comforting, LOL.  There are trees down all over town on top of cars and houses.  Including one a few streets behind me.  Some people are flooded, of course.  The river went over its banks also.

The deal with this storm is the fact it was going 0-2mph for so long, the span of the storm is huge, and a large part of the east side was over the sea.  It would build up over the sea and in its counter-clockwise motion would smack us with those storms over and over again.

I'm all Fay-ed out.  It needs to go far far away.  I tried to take some photos and video but I doubt much, if anything, came out.  The best of the storm was at night, my tiny video camera sucks, and getting good photos was too difficult.  I need a cool water proof camera.  I got soaked!
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Is headed my way.  Well, it's expected to become a hurricane and come right at us.  I was away from the internet for a while by choice, but I may disappear again depending on how bad this storm is, not by choice :lol:  I'll come back asap to catch up with all of the comments and deviations.  Believe it or not, I'm actually excited about the storm, because I find weather to be fascinating.  I'm hoping to get some great photos as the storm arrives and goes over, but that depends on the risks to my safety.

Thought I'd give this a go.  I have a lousy memory but here it goes...

If you comment, I will:

a) tell you how I know you and a thing or two about whatever you have in your gallery OR Tell you why I friended you.
b) associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc.,
c) tell you something I like about you,
d) tell you a memory I have of you,
e) ask something I've always wanted to know about you,
f) tell you my favorite pic of yours,
g) in return, you must post this in your journal