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Shep and Puppy Tucker

It's Shepard Smith once again, hehe :love: This is number 8 in my series of Shep digital paintings, I think :lol: I went with a more painterly look this time with the style.
This time he is posing with a puppy named Tucker. It was Tucker's second random appearance, if memory serves right, on Studio B w/Shepard Smith. It was just too cute of a moment, so I painted it :XD: The puppy belongs to someone else working at FOX New Channel that brought him in and Shep felt like holding him, I guess. As far as I know, his appearance wasn't planned. Random things tend to happen when Shep broadcasts from the newsroom instead of a studio.

You can watch a clip of this moment on YouTube! [link]
Here's Tuckers first appearance, which was pretty comical :D [link]

Made using...
Corel Painter X (mostly using the oil pastels and water blenders)
Wacom Intuos2 drawing tablet
Reference image from [link]

*If you plan "to copy, distribute and transmit" this artwork like the Creative Commons license says, you are required to give me credit for my artwork with a link to my gallery and contact me through deviantART or by e-mail - to notify me if it is displayed in a public of any kind. In other words, if you're just e-mailing a copy to your friend, you don't have to tell me. But if you are posting my work on a public website, you must notify me. Thanks :D
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I remember seeing that clip, one of the many reasons I've loved Shepard, even if life now makes it impossible to see B or the Report. I miss the old days of summertime, catching B with Skinnerville in the middle and the classic Report with the constant woosh noises. Well done!
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Hehe, I just added the link to the first time Tucker appeared on the show when Shep was imitating the Weather Alert sound effects. Ah, good days indeed. I miss the old days too. I record the shows to keep up now.
Studio B and FOX Report used to be more fun and Shep was more funny in his weird, random way.
Thank you :D
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Bing Bong Sha-bang :P
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