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Table of Contents:

Character unlock locations
Cheat Codes

The game can be played here, or downloaded here.
The soundtrack can be heard here.


ReimuBros 2.0.0 logo by rsgmaker
is an online multiplayer flash game based on the Mario Bros arcade game.


Down:activate character ability.
Left/Right:move character
Enter: opens a menu in-game(also pauses in single player)
Space:interact with a background object(eg;throw a table)
M: toggles mute
- =: adjusts sound effect volume
[ ]: adjusts music volume

if you are playing this on DeviantArt please click the download button on the right side of the page this will make the game window maximized.

if you are playing on a tablet/touch screen device having the device in portrait(vertical) mode will reveal a virtual DPad in game(you must have the game window maximized).

you hit blocks from below to bump them, if an enemy is touching the bumped block they are flipped over making them vulnerable,
a player can then touch the flipped over enemy to kick them off the stage earning them points.

if flipped over enemies are left alone they will eventually flip themselves right side up and become more powerful after recovering
they turn green after the first time, then red if allowed to recover a second time.

after you have defeated all but the last enemy it will power up(turns red) so be careful.

after defeating a certain number of enemies the level will end and after a jingle plays another level will begin.

as you play through a level many additional "obstacles" will spawn:Cirnos,UFOs,Blue Fairies,Ran/Chens,Nazrin,Yuuka,Yin Yang Orbs,Iku,
    they will show up to hinder your progress, you do not have to defeat them to progress but in some cases will make the level much easier if you defeat them.

if too many enemies are allowed to escape at the bottom of the stage the rate at which "obstacles" spawn increases quite a bit so try to take them all out quickly
to keep yourself from being overwhelmed later.

collecting the blue point icons and defeating enemies/obstacles increases your score, every 3750 score the game will spawn a life fragment(collect 4 for an extra life).

there are 5 levels per stage and 6 stages in the game, for a total of 30 levels, if you get to level 31 the game goes back to the first stage and reduces the difficulty back down somewhat, and boosts all the enemies base power(increased stats and may give extra abilities for certain enemies) also there is an alternative set of stage music so your second(and 4th,6th, 8th etc) time through has something different to listen to.

sometimes a level will play out differently than others, this is called an "Event" there is a 5% chance of event to occur at random, events also occur every 5th level(final level of a stage).

Normally a Flag0 by rsgmaker icon is visible on the progress bar, but if a Exclamationmark by rsgmaker icon is visible this signifies that an event is occurring.

Events include:

  • Rumia(level1+); Rumia enemies spawn which have a sphere of darkness around them if too many are on screen at once it will become very hard to see, unlockable rumia characters also spawn during this event.
  • Table(level1+); Tables spawn on every row and bumping blocks is no longer possible, you must press jump or throw when touching a table to toss it forward, if it makes contact with an enemy it will be defeated, be careful though powered up enemies(Red) can toss tables if they run into them possibly killing you character in the process.
  • Soccer Ball(level1+); 2 Soccer balls spawn, which can be kicked by players, wriggles and angry enemies, wriggles spawn commonly during this event.
  • Cirno(level1+); at the beginning of a cirno event the entire stage freezes over making your movement slippery, only elemental cirnos, giant cirnos, and unlockable cirnos spawn during this event.there are 3 versions of this event which effect which type of elemental cirno spawns the most often, these events can start occurring at levels:Ice(1),Fire(16),Lightning(51).level (9) is always a ice cirno event, but levels 39,69,99,129 etc, are something else......
  • Balloon(level1+); Balloons will rise up from the bottom of the stage throughout the course of the level, touching a balloon awards you a small amount of points and gives you some vertical momentum which can be helpful or annoying.
  • Characters(level1+); a bunch of unlockable characters will spawn during this event.
  • Patchouli(Scarlet Mansion); Patchouli spawns during this event.
  • Seija(level6+); Seija enemies will spawning during this event be careful if the start flashing red, if you don't stop them when they're doing this, they will flip your screen which will make things very confusing for you if you don't get rid of them quickly, unlockable Seija characters also spawn during this.
  • Nue(level11+); an abnormal amount of UFOs will spawn during the course of this event as well as Nues which will disguise themselves as unlockable characters,point items and even 1ups, so be very careful when approaching items as they might kill you instead. when you bump a disguised nue it will reveal their true form, you must bump them one more time to make them vulnerable. unlockable Nues also spawn during this.
  • Elly(level11+); Elly spawns during this event, be careful they can make a mess of the stage.
  • Skull Border(level16+); walls of skulls will block off the sides of the stage, don't touch them as they are lethal.
  • Suwako(level16+); Water fills the bottom row, and wakasagihimes spawn in the water, and suwakos spawn as well.
  • Explosive(level16+); Bombs rain down throughout the event, damaging both players and enemies.
  • Broken Pow Block(level16+); The pow block is broken and isn't responding to you. It's also activating randomly on it's own. Be careful of enemies being unflipped by the pow blocks.
  • Lava(Underworld); Lava fills the bottom 2 rows, destroying any enemies and players that go into it.
  • MagiFairy(level21+); MagiFairies spawn during this event.
  • Boss(level21+);A boss will spawn(has a red glow) cannot be damaged by abilities, but may become vulnerable when all the other enemies are defeated.
  • Cannon(level21+); Cannons surround the left and right of the screen. Cannon balls are periodically fired during this event.
  • Futo(level21+); Futo spawns very commonly during this event.
  • Ichirin(level21+); All but the bottom row dissappear. Multiple Ichirins hover above dropping hammers and point items down on you. Unzan fists also rain down. The event can only be cleared by waiting it out.
  • Giant Keine(level26+); Keines are common, and they've all become giant with double HP, and a slight movement speed boost.
  • Yuuka(level26+); Yuuka appears often, and the number of Yuukas that can be on screen at once is increased.
  • Three Fairies of Light(level31+); The 3 Fairies of light spawn, very often. Sunny Milk is more transparent the more distant she is. Luna Child is invisible if you're not facing her. Star Sapphire jumps when you attempt to bump her.


  • Title screen; click the screen when the game first loads up to reveal the menu buttons.

Titlescreenmenu by rsgmaker

Play Game: Displays the game modes you can choose from, and lets you choose a single or multiplayer game.
Options: Lets you change Music and Sound effect volume as well as change your controls(no gamepad support).
Manual: Opens up this page in a browser.
Customize: Lets you customize your own avatar to play as in the game, as well as a shop to purchase parts for your avatar.
    using coins you've earned by playing the game.

"coded by:RSGmaker": clicking this will bring you to RSGmaker's deviantart profile page.

  • Character select

Characterselect by rsgmaker

Click a character button to choose to play as them, if you have unlocked that character's alternate costume you can select it by clicking the characters button a second time.
you can see the characters name and their ability in the top left corner.
the top middle text box is where you input your name(mostly for multiplayer).

Start Game(Single Player only): starts the game
Title Screen: returns to title screen.

+ - buttons:change the stage you start at(you can only select stages you've already reached).

<- -> buttons: cycles between pages of the list of characters.

If you click the character sprite(the character image to the right of the list) you can play a minigame, to return just click the character again.
the character follows your mouse in this minigame, bringing your mouse up high on the screen will make them jump up.
after 50 points bullets will start spawning which take a percentage of your score if they touch you.

in multiplayer there are rooms(aka games/session if those terminologies makes better sense) there isn't a lobby or chat in this game.
there are 3 standard public rooms you can click them to join it, a maximum of 4 players can play in a single room simultaneously.

below those is a text box that says "CustomRoom" by default, you can change it to anything you want and message a friend of what you set it to so they can join you, this is how you can set up private games.
after you have set the textbox you can click the "Custom" button to join the room you typed in(it's case sensitive).

be aware that only private games may have cheatcodes enabled, the room "CustomRoom" is also counted as a public room so you can't do codes there either.
Single player games may also be started with cheatcodes.

  • Customize
AvatarEditor by rsgmakerShop by rsgmaker
You can customize your avatar which shows up in the character select screen,
you must set all the parts other than hair color, and ability to something for it to appear in the character select.
More items appear in the shop when you clear a stage.

Earn Money0 by rsgmaker(Mon) by:
Unlocking a character you already have.
Completing a stage without a game over.
Completing a game mode objective without a game over(after reaching/failing the objective it resets, so you can clear it again).
Maintaining a kill combo(every kill past a combo of 2 yields 1 mon).
When you quit a single player game with more lives than you started with, the extras are converted to 1 mon each.


Greenufo0 by rsgmakerRedufo0 by rsgmakerBlueufo0 by rsgmaker
When defeating enemies sometimes a tiny ufo will spawn at the top of the screen.
You can collect up to 3 tiny ufos.
Upon collecting 3 ufos a large enemy ufo appears, if the tiny ufos were all the same color, then the ufo takes that color, if they don't match then the ufo is rainbow.
The ufo will fire danmaku, and occasionally release a point item.

if you collect enough point items, the ufo disappears and releases some items depending on the color.
Red UFO:Life Fragments, and a tiny red ufo.
Green UFO:Myon/Powerup and equipment items, and a tiny green ufo.
Blue UFO:Giant point item, and a tiny blue ufo.
Rainbow UFO:small point item, and a tiny ufo that changes color.


Pow Block

Pow0 by rsgmaker
Bumping it will cause all blocks in the stage to become bumped.
A very powerful tool that is helpful in a pinch.
It can be used 4 times before disappearing.
Can be used as a platform to bump the center blocks from.
The Powblock respawns&restores itself after every event.
Can be used to defeat giants.

(Removed since 2.0.0)Mini Pow Block

POWalt0 by rsgmaker
a small one time use powblock that appears at random.
only one minipowblock can be on stage at one time.

Question Block
Questionblock0 by rsgmakerExclamationblock by rsgmakerEmptyblock0 by rsgmaker
Found in adventure mode.
Releases an item when bumped.
! blocks refresh themselves.


Point0 by rsgmaker
Spawns every time you defeat an enemy.
Gives 200 score upon contact.


1up0 by rsgmaker
(1.6.1 and older):Spawns every 15000 score(cumulative of all players in multiplayer).
Increases your lives by 1 upon contact.

(2.0.0 and newer)Life Fragment
1up0 by rsgmaker
Spawns every 3750 score(cumulative of all players in multiplayer).
Collect 4 of these to increase your lives by 1.

Giant Point

Point0 by rsgmaker

spawns by killing giant suika...or a giant cirno(cirno events only).
Gives 3000 score upon contact.

Bomb/Mini Bomb

Bomb0 by rsgmaker
Restores the Powblock to full uses, if you had uses left over, they are converted to points(500 x left over uses).
Mini Bombs restore only one use.
Bombs are spawned after clearing an event.
Mini Bombs spawn after killing a Reimu.


Myon0 by rsgmaker
Chance to be held by unlockable characters(Imposters)
Holding a myon will protect you from 1 damage.
You can only hold 1 myon at a time.

Power by rsgmaker
Sometimes these spawn instead of point items.
Collecting one will give your character power, which speeds up recharge rates of abilities, but power gets used up.
Excess power is converted to points, if you cannot use power it is just converted to points.
Gives 300 score, and 300 more if all the power is converted to points.

Zombie Fairy

Zombiefairy0 by rsgmaker
Rarely held by unlockable characters.
rarely obtained by killing red fairies.
you can hold 2 at a time.


Trophy0 by rsgmaker
May spawn at random in the center of the stage.
despawns if left alone, or holding it whilst on top of the pow block, or at the end of a level.
If you are holding it at the end of a level you gain 5000 score.

Toy truck

Truck0 by rsgmaker
Rarer than the trophy, but twice as valuable.
Be aware picking up a truck causes kaguya and mokou to spawn.


Balloon0 by rsgmaker
Spawns throughout the balloon event.
Gives 100 score and upward momentum upon contact.

Only appears in adventure mode, has the appearance of a random character.
Collecting it gives you the ability of that character.
Your character also increases in size and can take 1 more damage.
Taking damage shrinks you back down and your ability is lost.


Table0 by rsgmaker

Appears during the table event.
Pressing interact will throw the table in the direction you're facing killing any enemies in it's path.
respawns a few seconds after being thrown.
powered up enemies(red) can throw it too.

Soccer ball
Soccerball by rsgmaker
Appears during the soccer ball event.
Touching a slow/unmoving soccer ball while moving will kick the ball, wriggle and angry enemies can kick it as well(it turns red when kicked by an enemy).
Red soccer balls will hurt if you touch them.
The ball damages anything it touches when moving fast enough.
Beware "Wriggle Kick" can counter incoming soccer balls.

Mini Hakkero

Minihakkero0 by rsgmaker

Held by Marisa enemies.
[Ability] will fire a laser killing any enemies it touches.
Has limited ammo(energy).


Camera0 by rsgmaker
Held by Marisa enemies.
[Ability] will convert all bullets on screen into point items.
Has limited ammo(film).

Spell Card

Spellcard0 by rsgmaker
Held by Marisa enemies.
[Ability] will fire star bullets in every direction.
Can only be used once.

Sanae's Stick
SanaeStick0 by rsgmaker
[Ability] fires a large bullet that copies your vertical momentum.

Roukanken(Youmu's sword)
Roukanken0 by rsgmaker
[Ability] Dashes instantly to the edge of the screen.
kills enemies you've passed through

Boomerang0 by rsgmaker
[Ability] Tosses boomerang forward it returns after a second.
cannot be caught, has multiple uses

Bow0 by rsgmaker
[Ability] Fires a fast arrow(bullet).

Yin-Yang Orb
Miniyinyangorb by rsgmaker
[Ability] Fires a bouncing Yin-Yang Orb.
Has many uses.

Pill Bottle
PillBottle by rsgmaker
[Ability] Fires a bouncing pill of varying colors. Each variety has it's own effect.
Has many uses.

Ice Sword
Icesword by rsgmaker
[Ability] Fires an energy wave(freezes platform on use).
You must be on the ground briefly to be able to use it(cannot be used in mid-air).
Constantly freezes the ground below it.

Pokeball by rsgmaker
[Ability] throws a pokeball.
An item container.
When thrown, ocassionally......

Prinny Bomb
Prinny0 by rsgmaker
[Ability] Tosses a prinny, which explodes on contact.
Be careful not damage yourself.
(Not available in multiplayer.)

Donation Box
Donationbox by rsgmaker
[Ability] None.
When held, any time you defeat an enemy you receive a coin(does not stack with combo kills).
Disappears when the level ends.

Shinigami Scythe
Scytheb by rsgmaker
[Ability] None.
Extends your reach for collecting items/defeating flipped enemies.
When extended reach defeats an enemy the scythe can occasionally spawn a myon.
The scythe breaks after it spawns 2 myons.

Onbashira by rsgmaker
[Ability] Tosses an onbashira(has a slight kickback).
Deals piercing damage.

Sledgehammer by rsgmaker
[Ability] Activates hammer. When activated the hammer swings continuously crushing nearby enemies for a short time.
Cannot be dropped while active.
Player is immune to most forms of damage while active.


-Standard Enemies-


RedFairy0 by rsgmaker
Recovers from being flipped quickly.
Green Fairies recover even faster.
Blue Fairies move quicker, but recover slower.
Gold Fairies recover quicker and move faster.

Daiyousei0 by rsgmaker
Pauses briefly before descending every ledge she comes across.


EKeine0 by rsgmaker EKeineex0 by rsgmaker
slow at first, but after her HP becomes 1 she becomes EXKeine increasing her speed tremendously many have been killed by her.

Fairy Stack
Fairy Stack by rsgmaker
Defeated instantly when bumped.

Moon Rabbit

MoonRabbit0 by rsgmaker
Recovers from being flipped quickly.
Moves a bit faster than Red Fairy.


EMystia0 by rsgmaker
Mystias only move while airborne and each one fly differently and at random times, they can surprise you if you're not careful.


Tewi0 by rsgmaker Hammer0 by rsgmaker
Tewi lobs hammers upward which fall back down, they can be hard to spot so watch out when you spot a tewi.


Meiling0 by rsgmakerMeilingsleeping0 by rsgmaker
Starts sprinting if she spots a player.
May fall asleep if she hasn't seen a player(This counts as being flipped over).

Sakuya0 by rsgmaker
Tosses knives upwards when she is about to pass under a player.


Bat0 by rsgmakerRemilia0 by rsgmakerFlandre0 by rsgmakerBat0 by rsgmaker
spawns as a bat, which hovers above the blocks and is immune to damage,
they transform and become vulnerable when they get close,
Remilia is pretty fast, and Flandre leaves all blocks she touches in flames.

Udongein(Reisen Udongein Inaba)

Udongein0 by rsgmakerRedeyedudongein0 by rsgmaker
Has an illusion(extra hp) attacking her while she has an illusion(her eyes are red if she still does), she'll blink forward(uses up her extra hp).
If you are dangerously close to where Reisen would appear if she used up her illusion, she will purposely use up her illusion to try to catch you off guard.


Happytenshi0 by rsgmakerTenshi0 by rsgmaker
Keystone0 by rsgmaker    Keystone0 by rsgmaker
rides a rock around the stage, once flipped over, you can kick her sliding her rapidly across the stage killing any enemies she crashes into.
(think of her as a koopa troopa)

Hina0 by rsgmakerSmall Hina Spin by rsgmaker
Frequently spins around, she is immune to damage and cannot be flipped during this.

Clownpiece by rsgmaker
Occasionally releases flames.

Wriggle0 by rsgmaker
Performs a "Wriggle Kick~!"(dashes forward with a jump) when she sees a player.
Can kick soccer balls without being angry.
When performing a "Wriggle Kick" any incoming soccer balls are repelled with great force.

Koakuma0 by rsgmaker
Releases bouncing fireballs, any block it touches is set on fire.

Yoshika0 by rsgmaker
Moves by doing quick short hops.

Suika0 by rsgmakerExplosive0 by rsgmaker(Bomb much larger than in-game)
Carries a bomb, which she occasionally drops.
Bumping her causes her to drop her bomb.


Satori0 by rsgmaker
If you jump so does she, attempting to jump over her will likely result in taking damage.


Koishi0 by rsgmaker
Zig zags through the platforms, and turns invisible if you try to hit her with a projectile.

Raiko0 by rsgmaker
May sometimes do an effect similar to the powblock, but instead of bumping things, it briefly stuns players.

Yuugi0 by rsgmaker
Jumps up to bump blocks underneath players, if block under your feet is bumped, your character is briefly stunned.


Okuu0 by rsgmakerUtsuho0 by rsgmaker
Slow but may sometimes fires a massive bullet that sets blocks on fire.

Orin0 by rsgmaker
Kills flipped over enemies she comes across, which spawns herself a zombie fairy(boosts her hp).
The zombie fairy can be taken for yourself.(zombie fairy is replaced with a life fragment in adventure mode)


Kogasa0 by rsgmaker
Sprints while spamming bullets temporarily after spawning.


Marisa0 by rsgmaker
Carries a random item and may fire a laser.
She will drop her item when defeated.


Kisume0 by rsgmaker
Cannot be flipped, defeated by cutting her rope(just touch the rope), she's still vulnerable to offensive abilities.

Shanghai0 by rsgmaker  Alice0 by rsgmaker  Shanghai0 by rsgmaker
HP:1 +2
Spawns with 2 shanghai dolls that take damage for her.
Flipping her over is very effective though, just don't touch the shanghai dolls.

Aya0 by rsgmaker
Dashes through your projectiles without taking damage.
Sometimes she's holding a camera item.

Youmu0 by rsgmaker
Her myon cannot be taken.
If she spots a player, she will stop for a second and dash to the other side damaging the player if in her path.
Sometimes she's holding the Roukanken(Youmu's sword).

Sekibanki0 by rsgmakerSekibankiheadless0 by rsgmakerSekibankihead0 by rsgmaker
After being bumped her head comes crashing down(phases through blocks).


Hecatia0 by rsgmaker Hecatiam0 by rsgmaker Hecatiae0 by rsgmaker
An enemy with alot of HP.

Futo by rsgmaker
Moves very fast.
Defeated instantly when bumped.

Eirin0 by rsgmaker
Helps flipped over enemies back up.
Helped enemies become enraged.

Momiji1 by rsgmakerMomiji0 by rsgmaker
Leaps off any ledges she comes across.


Yuyuko0 by rsgmaker
Immune to death magic.
May stop on a ledge and charge.
If she is allowed to finish charging, she kills everything on the screen.
(It's pretty obvious but bosses are also immune to death magic)

Mamizou0 by rsgmaker Mamizoutail0 by rsgmaker Point0 by rsgmaker 1up0 by rsgmaker
Mamizou will disguise herself as an unlockable character or an item(point/1up). after bumping her true form will be revealed, you have to bump her again to make her vulnerable.
If you spot her tail on an item or on a character then it's a Mamizou enemy.

Toyohime0 by rsgmaker
Fires a small tornado that launches you upwards on contact.

Byakuren0 by rsgmaker Byakuren by rsgmaker
When she activates her rainbow scroll she speeds up and resists flipping and non-piercing damage

Kyouko0 by rsgmaker
Reflects your bullets which can then hurt you.
When bumped Kyouko's HP instantly depletes, but she recovers instantly from flipping one time.

Unlockable Character(aka Imposter)


Defeating this enemy unlocks them to be played from the character select menu.
If the enemy is flashing blue it mean you haven't unlocked that character yet.
If they are blue but not flashing then you have already unlocked the character.
If the character has a Myon(ghost) following them the will have 2 HP,
    defeating the enemy will let you take that ghost for yourself to shield you from 1 attack. the myon disappears if they despawn.
If they are powered up they can fire bullets aimed at players.

-Event Enemies-


Rumia0 by rsgmaker
Surrounded by a sphere of darkness, it can become hard to see if too many are on screen at once, defeat them quickly to keep the screen clearer.
When powered up the darkness covers the whole screen.


Seija0 by rsgmaker
A quick enemy that can flip the screen. kill asap if she starts flashing red.


Nue0 by rsgmaker Point0 by rsgmaker 1up0 by rsgmaker
Nue will disguise herself as an unlockable character or an item(point/1up). after bumping her true form will be revealed, you have to bump her again to make her vulnerable.
Approach points and 1up with extreme caution, especially if you notice an abnormal amount of Black UFOs on screen.

Suwakohat0 by rsgmakerSuwako0 by rsgmakerRock by rsgmaker
Hides under her hat, making herself immune to damage.
If she spots a player she emerges and throws a rock.

Wakasagihime0 by rsgmaker
Spawns in water.
After a moment she will charge up, and do a massive jump, she phases through blocks as she ascends so be careful.

Magifairy With Broom by rsgmakerMagibullet by rsgmakerMagiFairy by rsgmaker
Cannot be flipped and moves quickly while riding her broom.
Fires magic if she spots a player.
Damaging her or touching the string, will get rid of her broom.

Patchouli0 by rsgmaker
Can cast a variety of spells:
Fireball - a slow moving projectile that burns the platform below it.
Freeze - freezes every block.
Lightning - Drops a bolt of lightning at a random location(Patchouli is not immune to her own lightning).
Shield - Increases her HP(maximum HP is 4).

Elly0 by rsgmaker
Throws the block she's standing on when she sees a player.(Block respawns after awhile)

Giant Keine
EKeine0 by rsgmaker EKeineex0 by rsgmaker(there are more frames than this)
It's Keine, but BIGGER and even FASTER!
You can still jump over her head just make sure to time it well.

The Three Fairies of Light
Sunnymilk0 by rsgmakerLunachild0 by rsgmakerStarsaphire0 by rsgmaker
Sunny Milk:More transparent the further away she is.
Luna Child:Invisible unless your character is facing her.
Star Sapphire:Jumps when you try to bump her.

Ichirin by rsgmaker
Hovers above and throws hammers and point items.


?   ?   ?   ?   ?

Can be identified by a red glow.
Immune to all offensive abilities.
May become vulnerable after the rest of the enemies are defeated.
Calls for more enemies when hurt.
To see how far into the fight you're in, just look at the progress bar.

-Obstacles- (and some non enemies)


ECirno0 by rsgmaker
Freezes a row of blocks, can be killed by bumping.
She is able to freeze the bottom row.

Cirno(Fire)                                kill it with fire...oh wait

Firecirno0 by rsgmaker
Sets a row of block, on fire(VERY DANGEROUS, kill ASAP).
She won't use her ability on the bottom row so if she gets to the bottom you can relax.

Cirno(Lightning)                        the face of terror

Electriccirno0 by rsgmaker
Sets a row of blocks on fire...AND is struck by lightning(EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, kill ASAP)
She won't use her ability on the bottom row so if she gets to the bottom you can relax.

Cirno(Death)                       Why does this exist?!?
Deathcirno0 by rsgmaker
Don't let her finish charging, as she will kill everything on screen including herself.
She won't use her ability on the bottom row so if she gets to the bottom you can relax.

Cirno(Anti)                                 A.K.A. Edgy Cirno
AntiCirno cropped by rsgmaker
Makes an entire platform disappear temporarily.
She won't use her ability on the bottom row so if she gets to the bottom you can relax.

YinYang Orbs

Yinyangorb0 by rsgmaker
bounces around awkwardly it is possible to destroy it by bumping the block it is about to land on.


Gap0 by rsgmaker EChen13 by rsgmaker  ERan3 by rsgmaker Nazrin0 by rsgmaker
Spawns a chen, sometimes a ran, and if the gap appears at the bottom row it may spawn a nazrin.


EChen0 by rsgmakerERan0 by rsgmaker
Hovers across a row, it is possible to kill it by bumping a block she's touching.
Chen moves quicker.
Ran fires danmaku.


Nazrin0 by rsgmaker
Jumps up platforms instead of descending down them, be careful of them, they can catch you off guard.

Nitori0 by rsgmakerNitori Transparent by rsgmaker
Rare and transparent, it can be easy to miss her entirely.
She's not dangerous, but drops a life fragment if defeated.


Evilyuuka0 by rsgmaker
Cannot be killed.
Peers down a row... after she disappears evacuate that row immediately after a few seconds the entire row will get hit by a master spark(Giant laser), annihilating everything friend or foe.(obstacles are exempt so be careful of stray Cirnos passing through it)


Iku0 by rsgmakerIkuikudance0 by rsgmaker
May start dancing...kill ASAP if she does, unless you like lightning.(does not cause fire)

Giant Suika

Giantsuika0 by rsgmakerGiantcirno0 by rsgmaker
rarely spawns at random(giant cirno spawns common during any cirno event)
does not despawn at the end of levels.
Harmless, walks across the screen.
vulnerable to pow block. how could you be so mean?

Black UFO

Blackufo0 by rsgmaker
Cannot be killed.
Is merely a nuisance and offers no bonuses.
Fires danmaku downward.
Hovers around the screen for awhile, firing bullets all the while.
Leaves after a while, also leaves if touched, or hit by a players attack.

Lily White
Lily White0 by rsgmaker
Cannot be killed.
Fires a ton of bullets everywhere and then leaves.

Skull Border

Skull0 by rsgmaker
Cannot be killed
Blocks the sides of the stage touching a skull will kill your character.

Mr Ghosty

Mrghosty0 by rsgmaker
Cannot be killed.
Slowly floats upwards.

Unzan's Fist

Unzanfist0 by rsgmaker
Slowly descends into view before it comes crashing downwards.


Reimu0 by rsgmaker
Normally descends down platforms...unless a point item is in sight.
She will pursue any point items she sees even jump up platforms to go after them.


Ekaguya0 by rsgmakerEmokou0 by rsgmaker

Spawns whenever a truck is collected and will pursue whoever holds it.
Cannot be killed, they can be flipped over to stun them temporarily.
You have to clear the level or lose the truck to get rid of them.


Yamame0 by rsgmaker
Peaks out from the bottom of the screen.
Springs out if a player approaches.

---Character Unlock Locations---

Characters are typically unlocked by defeating blue flashing enemies, but some special enemies also unlock them.
Each stage has a different variety of "Blue" enemy characters.

Any Stage

Kasen, Kosuzu, Tokiko, Akyu, Maribel, Renko,Aya, Medicine, Yuuka, Komachi, Shikieiki

Hakurei Shrine

Reimu, Marisa,Alice, Shanghai,Sara, Louise, Yuki, Mai, Ayana, Yumeko, Shinki, Mika, Senkou, Orange, Kurumi,Rengeteki,Mugetsu, Gengetsu, Ellen, Kotohime, Kana, Rikako, Chiyuri, Yumemi, Ruukoto, Rika, Noroiko, Meira, Matenshi, Shingyoku, Elis, Sariel, Mima, Konngara,Lily White, Lyrica, Lunasa, Merlin,Youmu, Yuyuko.

Scarlet [Devil] Mansion

Daiyousei, Meiling, Koakuma, Sakuya, Rin, Luna Child, Star Sapphire, Sunny Milk


Iku, Tenshi, Hatate, Kokoro, Sumireko, Seiran, Ringo, Doremy, Sagume, Clownpiece, Junko, Hecatia, Toyohime, Yorihime, Reisen


Yamame, Orin, Utsuho, Shizuha, Minoriko, Hina, Momiji

Palanquin Ship

Nazrin, Kogasa, Ichirin, Murasa, Shou, Byakuren, Kyouko, Yoshika, Seiga, Tojiko, Futo, Miko


Wriggle, Mystia, Keine, Tewi, Udongein, Eirin, Sekibanki, Kagerou, Benben, Yatsuhashi, Seija, Shinmyoumaru, Raiko

If a character isn't listed here then they are unlocked from an event or by special means.

---Cheat Codes---

Cheat codes can be entered in the options screen.
If the code is valid, the text-box will empty when you click "Enter code".

Cheat codes can be used in multiplayer as well but it must be a private game(Uniquely named Custom room).

the codes ignore case and spaces.

General codes:

removeallcheatcodes = Removes all cheat codes(this is the default text in the cheat code text-box).
upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart = start with 30 lives.
prinnydood = play as a prinny.
sideb = start game with using the alternate music(level 31+ music).
lovecoloredpikachuun = play as pika marisa.
cactus power = Play as VIVIT(single player only).

normalmode = start at level 31.
hardmode = start at level 61.
lunaticmode = start at level 91.
extramode = start at level 121.

averageday = every level is an event.
drumstep = replaces step sound effect with drums(originally an ability for Raiko).
suddenlyitscrowdedinhere... = unlocks all characters.
lookatdemtumbleweeds... = relocks all characters.
spellcardruleswhatarethose? = unlocks all game modes.
teatime = disables events.

Event codes(every level will always be the event):

2husonparade = only unlockable characters spawn event


Touhou, it's characters, music, etc belong to ZUN.
Nintendo's music belongs to themselves.

:iconrsgmaker: Programmed the game, arranged the music, as well as created some art assets.
:iconkirbym: owns walfas(create.swf) and all of its graphical assets, which make up the large majority of ReimuBros graphics.

Special thanks to:

:icondeitydiz93: recreated the nameless characters in walfas style(as seen in the game), as well as ideas and playtesting.
:iconflubman: for helping with ideas, fixing up some descriptions, and playtesting.
:iconvnamie602: came up with names for the makai residents(senkou, and mika).
:iconferaligono: made the Palanquin Ship background, and the Touhouvania costumes.
:iconceej39: made the red/blue/green/gold fairies.

As well as everyone who's given feedback and bug reports.
And of course you, the player for trying my game :).


Walfas/Create.swf: Most of the graphical assets.
Touhou Midi Central: Touhou midis used for making the soundtrack.
VGmusic: Nintendo midis used for making the soundtrack.

As well as anyone else I've forgotten to mention ^^;.

:iconceej39:'s dnas used in ReimuBros, if you use these dnas make sure to credit him and not me.
3.39:Blue Fairy:63:0:185:298:209:46:0:0:0:0:86:F3F3FF
3.39:Gold Fairy:63:0:185:176:209:46:0:0:0:0:86:FFFFF3
3.39:Green Fairy:63:0:185:270:209:46:0:0:0:0:86:F3FFF3
3.39:Red Fairy:63:0:185:201:209:46:0:0:0:0:86:FFF3F3

dnas made by :iconrsgmaker:.
3.39:Magi Fairy:63:158:158:238:154:20:0:0:89:15:86:FFF3F3
© 2015 - 2022 rsgmaker
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