A Walfasser's start guide and essentials
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Have you ever wanted to try making walfas projects yourself?
Here's a few things that can help you get started.

If you have never used Walfas before the very first thing you'll want to do, is to play around with it and familiarize yourself with the basics,
click all the menus, see what they do,change characters parts, etc.

After you are comfortable with walfas/create.swf you will want these tools if you want to make comics.
Must haves:
Walfas(aka create.swf): this is the main tool to make characters and scenes, you can manipulate characters, props
    and backgrounds with ease, it comes with many touhou presets and allows you to import your own props.
A screen capture program (eg;AndySnap , Lightshot):Lets you to capture a section of your screen as an image, these images will be used to make the comic.
ComicLayouter:An easy tool that turns a sequence of images(panel images) into a comic.
An image editor(eg;GIMP ,  Paint.net):Although not completely required It's still highly recommended.

Flash player projector: May run better than using a browser, you will need to download create.swf onto your computer to use it.
Pressing Control-S while create.swf is open in a browser will let you save it to your computer, or you can download create.swf here.

Once you have the tools to make your comic, you will want to know how to keep your comics clean, and easy to understand.
Stuff to remember(each of these is a link that explains it better):            keep your characters strengths balanced, avoid the easy way out when presented with a challenge(like new powers and such)try to use what's already been established.

Other considerations:
  • Break up your text, leaving large walls of text is daunting for some readers and removes chances you could insert more panels for more visual interactions to engage viewers,even just changing facial expressions help immensely to convey thought and the characters emotions(but keeping the whole scene active and occasionally changing the scenery couldn't hurt).
  • Saving images/comics as pngs makes them smaller without reducing its quality.
  • Be sure to check your spelling and grammar, this might seem like a low priority to some but you really want to avoid confusing the reader when presenting an idea/story to someone
             (everyone makes mistakes but even if the errors don't confuse, they distract when numerous and pull attention away from what you want to express).

If you need more info on making an interesting and balanced characters or want some more insights then take a good look through here.
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DeityDiz93Hobbyist Digital Artist
I suppose after a while this could use an update if only due to the fact that we now have a Submission Guide in the group. I'm also thinking that should you decide to update this that we also update our home page info in the WSW to include this in there as this is a very helpful starting point for new Walfasers.
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Ah, I forgot to update the link to the WSW guide, thanks for reminding me.
Adding this to the group info would be great.
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DeityDiz93Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just added this to the group information, thank you a lot for making such a helpful guide!
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since when was comic layouter "essential"!!!
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comiclayouter makes the actual compiling comics less time consuming so people can focus on content.
the comiclayouter page has a gimp guide for people who prefer to do everything themselves and don't want to bother with another piece of software.

i made the program as well as this guide so it's not too surprising to find some level of (relevant) self advertising in it.
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FeraligonoStudent Digital Artist
Snipping Tool and the PrintScreen key come standard on all modern Windows systems (these are the image capture tools that I use, myself).

Additionally, you can change the amount of storage that Create.swf is allowed to use to infinite via flash settings (right-click when loaded in browser). I haven't had problems with it thus far ;3
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Lightshot is also a good screen capturing tool like Andysnap. I use Lightshot for my comics and other stuff.
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It looks nice, I added it to the guide.
Thanks for the suggestion.
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All hail the Comic Layouter.
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Ciel-9 Digital Artist
Ithanks for the guide bro
also I got one to add.Some creativity so that you can make some good jokes 
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