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ReimuBros V2.0.5(Flash Game)



Hotfix(4/30/2017): A browser incompatible setting was enabled, I've turned it off, multiplayer works properly again.
Update 2.0.5! Some new/changed abilities. Various shop changes. 1 new event. Performance tweaks. Multiplayer tweaks. Other changes.

This is loosely based on the Nintendo game "Mario Bros".

Press LEFT/RIGHT to move.
Press UP to jump(hold for extra height).
Press DOWN to activate your character's ability.
Press ENTER to open a menu in-game(also pauses game in single player).
Press SPACE to interact with a background object(eg; throw a table).

Press M to toggle mute.
Press - = to adjust sound effect volume.
Press [ ] to adjust music volume.

Click the download button to get a larger game window.
If you want to download the game to your computer you can use the download links here.

This game uses peer to peer networking to do multiplayer.

The ReimuBros Manual can be found here.
ReimuBros OST info can be found here.

Touhou Project and it's characters are owned by ZUN.
Create.swf(the graphic assets) belongs to KirbyM(nearly all of the art is theirs, I only made a couple edits, and some misc things).
Palanquin ship & Touhouvania alternate costume graphics are by Feraligono.
The unnamed PC98 Touhou character graphics are by DeityDiz93.
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It's such a shame this masterpiece of a game can no longer be played, it so fun before flash died.