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Vaia Costume Design 12-07

Spent the afternoon playing with Krita's sketchbrush (which is really fun to use) and some textures as I did another character design for my Dragon Age OC, Vaia. Looking at it now there's some stuff I'd change but by the time I thought of it, I'd already merged the layers and done a bunch of other work, oops. Oh well. 

Tools: Wacom Intuos 4"x6", Krita [link]
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I wish I could get those boots right the way you did. I dunno, I just feel that this is the perfect representation of such boots
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I'll admit to having a boot obsession -

(this isn't even all of my pictures, sadly - I have many more on my HDD that I need to get around to sourcing, yikes)

I don't think I referenced from any single image there, but over the years I've looked at and analyzed many pictures of boots in order to draw them convincingly. I have also drawn many bad boots to get to the point where I could draw good boots. 

Keeping a collection of reference/inspiration pictures is as important to artists as reading the works of others is to writers, really. :)
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I know how drawing bad boots feels, I do it all the time, but these are TOP-NOTCH BOOTS, sir. One day, I hope, my boots will be as good as yours :-)
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such an imagination for costumes :) nice!
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Really good job with the sketch brush o.o
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Awesome design! And the beads on the hilt))
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