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Nathaniel Howe

tasmen, who plays nate at warden's vigil, requested some art. she headcanons richard armitage and his nose (or is that the nose and his richard armitage? seriously, his nose is amazing) as nathaniel, so i referenced him pretty heavily here. i think it worked out pretty okay, especially the skin tone (and the head in general).

ref - [link]
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My first thought when looking at this picture: oh, Nate looks like Richard Armitage.

Then I look at the description.

Flawless victory.
BlondMoments3894's avatar
Mmmmm, the noseporn...
Vandalaire's avatar
Oh my, Howe lovely~
Anoakana's avatar
Amazing! And Richard Armitage really reminds me of Nathaniel, too. The lighting here is absolutely perfect. Nice work!
gingergen's avatar
Gorgeous. Love the light and shadow.
SandikaRakhim's avatar
Awesome work! keep it up :D
arysani's avatar
Armitage has become my favorite Nathaniel fancasting.

Also, loving the new-style GW armor he's got going on.

Mmm. Nathaniel. *fans self*
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instant favourite. Love your take on him! And <3 Richard Armitage as well :D
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Ahahahaha this is pretty much the most amazing combo ever. <3 <3 <3
M0onBunny's avatar
Bloody amazing!
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Wow, I actually can see the Richard Armitage in it. So cool. Never thought of it before.... but he'd probably be a pretty good Nathaniel...
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Nathaniel tends to remind me of Richard Armitage.
Excellent work. =) <3
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I ADORE his nose! <3 This image is amazing. I've always adored Nathaniel and was so bummed when you couldn't romance him. I mean, even Hawke didn't get to hit on him :( But your art all but makes up for it!
Dragonkeeper-natalie's avatar
well done not a lot of awesome artwork fo rhuny Nathaniel
deladia's avatar
xXDarkLightningXx's avatar
looks awesome ^^ he was always one of my favourite caracters :D
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