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Hawke and Isabela

my gift for ~PonytailedSlacker, for the tumblr Dragon Age fandom valentine's day gift exchange. enjoy :>

reference - [link]
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It's beautiful!
AnArtLife's avatar
I love, thanks for share.
ToxicSnakeSkull's avatar
"She's so Amazing and Beautiful. How could anyone not love her?"
Sweating a little... Okay Technically, that's a Merrill quote, but still it's still true.

It's really gorgeous and sexy this Artwork. The body language and facial expressions of the two are just so perfect I might actually faint... oh who am I kidding? I'm Gone I think I've fainted.
Alexwind's avatar
love the emotions ^^
LlemonFlame's avatar
Great stuff! Wonder why I haven't discovered this until now?! I love Dragon Age and my own favourite pairing in DA II was a female Hawke and Isabela, though my character looks different than this Hawke. Nicely done indeed! :D
junkyard34's avatar
Absolutely fantastic!
Crimsonberry's avatar
Lovely! Oh that shading :)
Ali-Kitty's avatar
So beautiful! Love this pairing.
Freckles04's avatar
This is really, really beautiful. I love the tones and the colours and the HEAT portrayed. Even though there isn't a lot of skin showing, it's still very sexy.
Fantastic, love the softness in the picture, and think it's a great one of Isabela
The-Allusive-Man's avatar
The-Allusive-Man's avatar
That means I like it, btw. A lot.
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This must be one of the best drawing ever made using my photo! O_o
I've had the tab open now more than a day, I just can't stop looking at it! =D
Thank you so much for using our stock :glomp:
I do hope you'll use us in the future as well =^_^=
rsek's avatar
thanks! as far as using more stock i just might do that, lot of inspiring poses there :>
Toyger's avatar
Yay, I'm glad! =D
We love great stock use =^_^=
It's what drives us =)
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hnnnngh hnngh *keysmash* hawt
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This is so amazing! Love, love, love it!
CitronnellePetal's avatar
Wow... This is hot. And awesome!
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Wow, this is gorgeous! *_* I'm honoured that our stock could be used to help make such a lovely artwork =D Thank you so much for using our stock! :tighthug:
WinryElric's avatar
Lucky Hawke ♥_♥
F1rstcl4ssn00b's avatar
hawke as in the girl ver? ;)
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