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An Acrylic Painting on wood panel
IMAGE SIZE: 11" x 14"

This is the 7th Christ portrait I've done in 24 months. I'm an 'Animist' myself, which is one step up, (or is it down?) from an atheist. I believe in everything and nothing simultaneously. Seems conflicted, yet somehow it works for me. In spite of this, I've always been interested in the image of Christ.

As a child brought up in a neighborhood of Irish Catholics, I was the only mutt from a family of unknown origin, and atheistic leanings. The icons at the neighborhood church, only a few doors away, of the bloody Christ figure in anguish, was one of the earliest images burned into my childhood memory. Of course, I was constantly told by my young peers that I was destined for hell, having no baptism.

Keep the faith baby!
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jesus looks so jewish here, just like he should!
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It's quite interesting to see a painting like this. I also read your comments for your painting and I would like to say that it is blasphemous to say that "you're going to hell" just because you didn't get baptized as a baby. In reality, people are supposed to be baptized once they reach the age when they can differ right from wrong. A baby knows nothing, thus teaching it the teachings of Christ will mean absolutely nothing to it because it has no idea what it is being taught. I used to be a Catholic and I did get baptized as a baby, so to me, it didn't count. When I became a Christian I got properly baptized because I accepted Jesus.

But other than that, I like that you took a surrealistic approach here. :D It's very interesting and something I haven't seen before. I also enjoy the rest of your gallery as well, surrealism is one of my favorite genres or art. :)
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also you mention animism... is there a particular tradition that you adhere to such as shinto? any tidbits of wisdom that you might have regarding animism would be appreciated, as i am finding it difficult to finding any in depth, authentic information on such a taboo subject within our fundamentalist society
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i like this painting because to me it very vividly depicts the mindstate of foolishness and evil that can be seen in these facial expressions. it disgusts me, and it scares me to death, because i know deep down, that i am one of those drooling demons.... i really dont want to go to the lake of fire.

its times like these that i begin to wonder how i ended up on this planet to begin with.... what kind of a sick cosmic game is going on in which all these souls are placed in the midst of a losing battle, in which our culture was already diseased when we arrived here and we were given little chances to remain pure: from the second of our births we were subjected to birth trauma and hatred from our parents during childhood. its as if we had no choice but to be thrown into this hell pit, as if by being sent here, we were being punished before we were even born. the only thing left for us to do is to realize that if we want to escape shehol's abyss then we have absolutely no choice but to be become shaman-god-warrior-buddhas that travel around in merkabas, dispelling all fear and living lives of absoulte violence in regard to any forms of evil/foolishness, and violence in regard to surrendering to inner demons. i cant think of any other option.... succumbing to evil and failure and inner demons is not even an option, there must be hope.... there must be.

its just soo perplexing and we dont really have a guiding light.... i mean we do, but this "path" of righteousness in which one TRULY has an intimate relationship with this infinite god, assuming such a relationship is even possible, the path is so narrow, it is practically invisible. the book says we must be able to fit through the eye of a needle in order to reach salvation from death and evil. there is no room for fucking around, for being normal, or petty, or for escapism, because failure is not an option. this is just a solid nightmare 24/7 and we have no other option but to do the seemingly impossible: summon the infinite powers of heaven and earth to dispel these shadows by whatever means possible.
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Worst suffer of all! Great work!
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He paid me a visit so atheism is drain-fluid - excellent pic
I think Im in hell already LOL ...Great work !!
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Great stuff!!! your Works are :iconfabulousplz:
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yeeeaaaahh,....i love it,..
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I wasn't Baptized either ... Guess and conceived out of wedlock .. Guess I'll see you there buddy.
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you've been featured here [link]

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Christ's expression, simultaneously calm and angered, is mesmerising; I sat staring at it for quite a while. The eyes are masterful.

I find the idea of animism very interesting; would you say that any of the souls, spirits etc within objects in the world are, for all intents and purposes, a deity/deities, or are 'they' equivalent to us?
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Of course, if you KNOW you're going to hell since you're a kid and there's nothing you can do, it's sort of a weight off your shoulders, isn't it? I mean, you don't have to worry about earning Santa's gifts since you ain't anyway ;)
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awww poor christ! i so know how he feels
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brilliant concept.
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what great style you bring to any subject! horrible beauty... like life...
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Its only in times of hardship and turmoil that you actually find out what you do believe in, until that moment its hard to believe in anything most of the time.

Its always surprising to see how Christ is depicted to me - would anyone however devout recognise him if he walked among us today? I always wonder why he is so white?
Now I`m rambling, its a great picture love the evil intentions from thje faces and pitcher plants really add a surreal edge to it :clap:
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The Christ image is indeed fascinating, because who can really say for certain that they know what he looked like.
His common image seems to be that of a strung out junkie in an improperly wrapped bathrobe.
The fact that he's only one of dozens of mythical beings with identical characteristics says to me that he would best be represented by a chimera of certain attributes.
I always enjoy your Christ portraits, you make him look as if he's sad because humanity made him seem like such a pussy, but that might be my own cynical opinion bleeding in.
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I absolutely love every christ portrait you paint. It's not often we see a satire that's well painted and expresses well how such a good idea as christianism (which is basically about love, morality, and rejection of material values) is used as an excuse for ignorant actions and crimes against humanity.

But most of all... it's badass! I love it.
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love the drooling faces around him! gives it a real sinister look to the pic - great picture!!! :)
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I see conflict within Jesus' expression, but it's almost as if he's content with it. Very nice colours indeed!

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awesome painting *looks up animism on wikipedia*
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excellent..keep the new ideas about sth old!!!that is art...not some super realistic but can stand in every modern gallery...interesting, very very...;)
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