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SubScorp Again

You knew it was coming....Again.

SubZero and Scorpion.
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Wow!!! amazing!!!!!!
Scopy is such a beautifil man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE IT AND APPROVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh my goodness, I'm so embarrassed; this is so old. Thank you...really thank you.

[link] <--- this is my new account and I think I might have some even better SubScorp stuff there.

[link] Hopefully this link leads straight to my MK folder.
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Why thank you, one does what one can with what one is given. In my case, I was given the odd desire to pair icy bitches and hell ninjas...
raven-magpie's avatar
almost ther againnnnnnnnnnn.......
ryanfreeze's avatar
Wow awsome style u got there
RS-Valentine's avatar
Rezny's avatar
Zomg. So beautiful and glorious and wonderful and all of that good stuff. Guh.

They need to sex now.

I :heart: you so hardcore right now...
RS-Valentine's avatar
Thanks so much! I really liked drawing this.
Rezny's avatar
Not a problem at all!

And I'm glad you enjoyed making this; that always makes everything better.
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Sub is horny. He needs a goooood fuck. And Scorpion has nothing against it. >8D
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I agree totally.
Shaiger's avatar
Oh yeah.
When Sub-Zero want's something, he'll get that... something.
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