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Scorpion Wins...Awkward

Scorpion: Are you enjoying yourself?

SubZero: You suck...!

Scorpion: We shall see...
Nice fur, by the way...

SubZero: I'm going to KILL YOU!

A day in the life of an oddly colored ninja...
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Nicely done.

(This reminds me of a scene, in Descendants of Darkness, between Tsuzuki and Muraki (Muraki had Tsuzuki in the same pose).)
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I think I might have used a combo of another ScorpSub and a panel from Saiyuki.

:iconrenvalentine: is the account I use now.
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Poor Sub, poor Sub : DD.
The hands u draw is adorable :0. My hands looks like... a potato, if ya ask me. 8>. Like your style to draw Sub-Zero. He looks so young. Maybe, 'cause in my pics he is almost bald and have white hair : DD. And he looks over 60 years old... Geez, man.
When I look your Sub and my Sub, I have to tell ya, your Sub is more handsome, than mines :000. But I'm still interested by old man(over 20 years old are the best <3<3. Don't ask, I don't know neither. There is something in old MANS 8DD. Maybe I'm just sick or I just have a problem... or BOTH! D:.)
Wanna see a coloured SubScopr pic from you >8D. Muahhaha!

Oh, and before I forget, I said May 5, 2007, than Sub is uke and Scorp seme :0. I take back my words. Sub is seme and Scorp uke, because Sub-Zero is so calm and quiet and Scorpion is so...*don't find the right words...* passionate and... um... fierce?.. ;D. So that is the way how it goes: Sub is seme and Scorp uke. And if ya don't know what uke or seme means, just search from the internet (wikipedia, google, etc.) ;DD. You will find what the words mean.

Woo, my longest comment ever 8D. Happy happy joy joy!
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I do know what seme and uke mean. I prefer the words dominant and submissive...'cause it means more to me. And I do think that SubZero is dominant.
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Hell yeah, my dear, hell yeah! >: DD.
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SubScorp all teh way babeh!
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8)) Yyyyeah <3
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8D. Scorpion is seme and SubZero is uke. Ruahahah! Love 'em <3
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Yeah, SubZero's goin'...'scuse me, is down.
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