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Ayami Kojima
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Constantine, FFVII:AC, Independence Day, Alexander, Road to El Dorado, 300 and Sin City
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Flogging Molly
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Dante Aleghieri, Edgar Allen Poe, C.S. Friedman and Johnny Truant
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My Computer and Pencils...Lots of Pencils!
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Videogames, books...

This account is dead in the water

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Please do not follow me here. RenValentine ( is the account I've been using for the past 9 years. I cannot deactivate this one as the email that serviced it has been lost since my cable provider has shifted.
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The Lotus Blooms Twice

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!RenValentine ( is the gallery I will be using. This is for anyone who is watching me (and anyone else who's interested in my art). I won't be posting any more on this account. I WILL check for updates, as I probably won't fave (or watch) too much on the other one. Sorry about this guys, I know it's a pain in the kiester.
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Oh yeah by the way

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If my chem teacher ever says 'Oh yeah by the way' AGAIN, heads will roll. I have recently discovered the wonder of chalk and glue...More on that later. In other news, I have NO DATE to Homecoming, big surprise thurr. Headed to gramma's for a dress Friday, hopefully get the next Hellsing and/or Saiyuki:Reload and MAYBE EVEN the next Legend of Drizzt book. MEGA UPDATE! I purchased Hellsing 8 and Saiyuki:Reload 4-7! Yay! Homecoming blew but hey whatever.
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[link] I'm wondering what you think of my most recent Wesker Chris art! (may be fishing for RE friends! a definate yes)

TOTALLY faved this on my other accout. I'm ALL over it.
Hey. I think i saw your picture on this website/blog here CLICK HERE
I can't get to it...Did you send this to me on my other account? You must've...Oh well, if you did, I just can't get to it...
you need to change your password my account got hacked a few months a go and clicking that link it wil hack urs too.
Guess that's balls...I don't USE this account.
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Sorry for being this late, but thanks a lot for the fav :heart: