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BMW CSX Concept


I'm back, had a really really great month, have been on a ACDC concert in Budapest(23.3.), lots of stuff going on...
The concept was in making every few days, cca 2-3h

This is my vision for new generation of BMW super-cars, with some of the previous designs( CS, 8 series, 3 series,gina)... and with my own design and some futuristic ones.

It was loads of fun and i think it came out pretty well.
Loads of brushing+using reference for color and shading/lightning, some c/p here and there.
There are mistakes left, i know!


Hope you like it!

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Now it looks like a maserati
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why not, it will be the new design of bmw. i like your concept !! :)
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Looks really godd, like a mclaren!
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Parabéns, design incrível.
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BMW super-car...

Amazing, you have good talent!
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love this! for me, BMW design at its best :)
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email is
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hello, my name is Steve. Your work is very nice.High Quality........... I am in the United States. I am building a high-speed concept car. I could use some help with the final design phase. If you are interested? Please send me a email at it would be great to get some help. Keep up the good work. Best regards Steve
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I currently work for a competition for faculty, so i'm a bit short on free time. That being said, i don't have time for anything else.

Hope you understand and i wish you the best of luck!

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It looks sorta like a Fisker Karma with an elongated nose and a BMW badge. But, none the less, very cool. What program did u use. I might only be thirteen, but I know how to design a beautiful car.Watch for the new Bugatti that's comming out. It uses the same 8 liter, quad supercharged (enlarged by Bugatti, no less.) W16 engine, but they managed to steal Hennesseys technology for getting the same 1200 bhp as that engine, from a puny twinturbo charged (not enlarged.) 6.2 liter LS9 V8 from the Corvette ZR1. The Bugatti engine now goes up to a standard, 2681 bhp. And it can only go 280 before something cant stand the power, and shatters. Hint, most likely, the wheels. Or even worse, the breaks.
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Or even a Maserati Granturismo.
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This is truly the most beautiful BMW concept I have seen yet. This is like an Infiniti M56, Maserati GranTurismo, and a BMW 535.
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Hey! This is awesome. :D
Why don't you check out my Concept car too?
OMG it's amazing !!!
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Неплохо, но на BMW не похоже)
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This is amazing. :D

I was wandering:
1) How long did you take to make this?
2) How long have you been doing art like this?
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Thank you.

1. Uff i can't really recall how much did it took me, Few days about 2 hours a day or more. Depends on a mood and inspiration. So sometimes i work fast sometimes I don't. :D

2. I guess for quite some time. I had some monthly breaks, but i think it's about 3 years or so, maybe more:D
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I see new Maseratti concept(Kebrox has the same opinion ;) )
Seriously... Wide front grill and triple ones on the sides and it will be perfect Quattroporte GT concept.
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you should send that in and make some fast cash.
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