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Bio, of a sort: I've been a frustrated artist for most of my life. Then in September of 2005 I discovered Poser and was suddenly able to make images that one could consider art. I can't draw, paint, or sculpt. Some people consider rendered art to not be art as you are essentially using digital paper dolls. It's not the medium that matters. It's the mind behind the art that matters.

My work: I mostly do female pinup art. I also dabble in the occasional male pinup image as well as non-pinup images of girls. I do some outright adult images I post at Renderotica (though not very often).

My gallery: I have broken my gallery up into various sub-galleries based on subject matter. With my habit of bouncing in and out of mature material I have separated my adult-oriented art from my family safe art. If you want to look through my pinups and nudes you'll have to select one of those sub-galleries or Browse to see everything.

Favorites: I only have one, sometimes two, image per artist in my fave list. I'm not interested in cataloging every image I like by every artist. I use my faves list as a means to share artists I like with others.

Commissions: I've begun taking commissions again. Right now I'm sticking to Daz Studio characters as I haven't had time to relearn Poser and get Superfly under my belt, so no pre-2018 characters right now.
  • 1 Figure, original image: $50 US.
  • 2 Figures, original image: $60 US.
  • Minor edit of existing image: $10 US
  • Major edit of existing image: $20 US
The difference between a minor and major edit will depend on the image. Removing, retexturing or replacing clothing is usually a minor edit.
Either send me a note or email me at rrward.art@gmail.com.

If you like my work, how about supporting me on Patreon? You get alternate, usually NSFW, versions and desktop wallpapers for your Patronage. Every bit helps, 3D rendering is an expensive hobby.
Thank you.
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