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Bio, of a sort: I've been a frustrated artist for most of my life. Then in September of 2005 I discovered Poser and was suddenly able to make images that one could consider art. I can't draw, paint, or sculpt. Some people consider rendered art to not be art as you are essentially using digital paper dolls. It's not the medium that matters. It's the mind behind the art that matters.

My work: I mostly do female pinup art. I also dabble in the occasional male pinup image as well as non-pinup images of girls. I do some outright adult images I post at Renderotica (though not very often).

My gallery: I have broken my gallery up into various sub-galleries based on subject matter. With my habit of bouncing in and out of mature material I have separated my adult-oriented art from my family safe art. If you want to look through my pinups and nudes you'll have to select one of those sub-galleries or Browse to see everything.

Favorites: I only have one, sometimes two, image per artist in my fave list. I'm not interested in cataloging every image I like by every artist. I use my faves list as a means to share artists I like with others.

Commissions: I've begun taking commissions again. Right now I'm sticking to Daz Studio characters as I haven't had time to relearn Poser and get Superfly under my belt, so no pre-2018 characters right now.
  • 1 Figure, original image: $50 US.
  • 2 Figures, original image: $60 US.
  • Minor edit of existing image: $10 US
  • Major edit of existing image: $20 US
The difference between a minor and major edit will depend on the image. Removing, retexturing or replacing clothing is usually a minor edit.
Either send me a note or email me at

If you like my work, how about supporting me on Patreon? You get alternate, usually NSFW, versions and desktop wallpapers for your Patronage. Every bit helps, 3D rendering is an expensive hobby.
Thank you.
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Digital art is just another medium. Visual artists, using pen, paint, crayon, camera or software need to understand colour, light, shadow and composition. There may well be others, but I'm no artist so I cannot say.

The medium they use to express their artistic side is irrevelant. A painter has to understand the paint they use, as well as the brushes and the paper, canvas or board. The photographer has to know how to get the best out of their camera and a digital artist must know the software, and often its bugs, they use.

It is true to say that if somone wants to draw a life model, then they must have an understanding of anatomy. A digital artist does not.

I watched a documentary about artist from centuries ago, where they had to make and mix their own paints. Nowadays, you buy it out of a pot or tube. What would the artist of bygone days think of those who wield a paintbrush today?

Photographers who once worked with film, scoffed and derided the digital photographer, who worked with software to 'develop' their images, and not in darkrooms with chemicals.

It is true modern technology can allow those who have had no formal artistic training to render or capture an image, but it is the cultural elite, who often have letters after their names, who at first deride and then embrace the new way, forms of expression.

Art is an expression of oneself, whatever the medium.

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More power to you.

I don't care what the critics of digital art say, you have produced some excellent work.
I loved you,r take your daugter to work pickture. With junior female storm troper and a small r2.
you should do a junior rebel alliancealso
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Quote RRward: " Some people consider rendered art to not be art as you are essentially using digital paper dolls. It's not the medium that matters. It's the mind behind the art that matters."

That is the best thing ever said about the 3D art medium ! .. well said !
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Thank you for that Info! :blackrose:
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not bad, I saw your renderotica stuff too, here's mine: [link]

are you using daz or poser?
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Har Har, I do or have dabbled with various medium before, like oil and pencil and ink, crayons, pastels charcoal and the lot.
But when I discovered Poser than Daz, well it became that much more fun. I do still wish I could have time to dabble with other medium, but my time is precious but not enough. Figures already, provided, we tweak and we dabble and we adjust and we light and shade. But when the whole ensemble comes together, there is a sense of satisfaction.

Art is in the eye of the beholder. If people love it, what more can we want?
Love your work and a joy to go thru your gallery.
More of out favourite blue vixen please and those rather generous mammaries
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You're not alone. What some people fail to realize is that Poser is a tool just like a pencil or paper and requires effort and skill to do it properly. Keep up the good work.
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Totally agree! It's the mind behind the art, that matters :nod: Heck! I'm :+devwatch:-ing on both of my :devart: pages...what's that let on? :D
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nice and to-the-point bio...
I think your renders are excellent! being of the 3d artist persuasion myself, i think that it is an aquired taste. there are manty genres that people don't considder art (photoshop-drawn and experimental for example) but i think that 3d is certainly an art form.
I just wanted to say "great work" and that i am also reading pride, predudice and zombies with growing enjoyment :P
keep up the good work
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nice details.. and very nice work.. I like yor work..

thnkx for share.. :)
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That is just so true.

Your journal entry could be mine.

"Frustrated artist"... ~nods~ and ~sighs~ I can't draw and it hurts me so much. I see things others have produced with pen or brush or graphics tablet and I die a little every time. If it weren't for that fact that their art simultaneously lifts me from my disillusion I would have to stop looking.

You are further along your journey with Poser than me, I can see that.

Sometimes I fight with Poser, sometimes I fight with my imagination. I want to produce that gorgeous image but can't. I see a gallery such as yours and become despondent.

Then I get one more positive comment and I have another go.

Great gallery. I do like your work.
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