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THis is such a good drawing ^_^
Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy ^_^
Well done :3
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A..A...AH... That is .. oh .. that is so  beautiful... Best picture with Tempest and Twili, what i ever seen ... 
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Wow, I love how they're drawn!! :aww:
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"A-are you sure I will be forgiven for my past actions?"
"Don't worry. We are the forgiving kind."
"B-but I did some monstrosities in the name of the Storm King."
"That is the thing. You did those actions in exchange of a service he never honored."
"But I..."
"Trust me. Time will heal the wounds. I got two good friends who could confirm this."
"Yes. Relieved now?"
"Yes. Now I can enjoy watching the Twilight."
"Then, you'll have to turn your head to..." She kept staring at her. "Oh."

Wonderful work
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They would be nice together <3
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This is really sweet, I love how you draw ponies
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it's such a beautifull ship
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excellent work
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So beautiful, I love the lighting!
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nice lighting. really brings out the emotion!
it's dramatic, yet peaceful. such a good combination and fits perfectly with the movie
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YESSSS I totally ship it darling
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oh my gosh this is super beautiful! I love the lighting aah
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Oh,wow, your art is really good 
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