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Jein Jam
    Just making some early 2000's stuff. You know, like one of those music mascots you see for techno album covers. That, and/or toy dolls, kind of like polly pocket or bratz back then. Honestly though, I sometimes miss the thick lined style of the early 2000s, I don't see anyone really use it often anymore. Anyways, that's me reminiscing, have a nice day!
Overwatch OC - Esin Orbay
    So... I made an overwatch oc for one of my class projects. I'll just let my short essay explain it to you guys:

Esin Orbay (Age: 22)

Nationality: Turkish

Class: Defense - Stuns enemies with flashes of light

            Esin Orbay is a Oasis University student, majoring in electronic engineering. During the omnic crisis, she looked to Overwatch as her heroes, inspired by their battles and brave deeds; so much that when she was accepted into Oasis she decided to start a personal project reminiscent of her role models - an electro suit. In recent events of terrorism, Esin became even more determined to perfect her project. With Overwatch gone, she felt like she would be able to carry out their legacy and bring hope to those in need, rallying others to stand up against this new wave of war.

            Esin is a fairly quirky girl, completely dedicated to her engineering studies and Overwatch history. All that pent up excitement can make her handful, perhaps a bit arrogant. She grew up with plenty of time to exercise her brain, filling her brain with important facts alongside useless trivia. Her favorite of the Overwatch bunch was Ana Amari, seeing a woman as strong as that take on hundreds of rogue omnics along with babysitting a squadron was awe-inspiring to her; she was devastated upon hearing the sniper’s death. Regardless, she knows that heroes keep going despite loss and hardships, because those who are strong never give up.

            To summarize her abilities in game, she has a close range flash to temporarily stop the enemy in its tracks and a rangedstun, which shoots out from her wrist and flashes upon impact with an enemy. Other ability ideas that I thought of were traps to be laid out and alert the team to breached areas; that or a flash ability that takes out damage from an enemy at close range, but does not stun them. Her ultimate would be to temporarily blind that enemy’s screen with a solid black screen for a second and slowly fade back to normal.

That's all, have a nice day!

Oh My, A New Ship!
    So alongside the fact that together they embody my favorite color scheme, Zarya and Lynx Seventeen are adorable together. Like the sassy bickering and the "Forbidden Love" trope, how could I not jump aboard this ship? I'm sorry Zaryatta, but Zarynx has risen above and become one of my faves. (Is it Zarynx? I don't think I've seen a better ship name for these two...) Anyways, yus, these two, love them both together. Make it happen Overwatch.... please?

Okay, have a nice day, people.
Toa Vakama
    I redesigned one of my fav bonkles. I don't know why I went for a Rinzler pose here, it just kind of fits with Vakama. Also... I can't draw the Morbuzakh, it just looks like a glowy worm thingy. Anyways, have a nice day guys!


RRproAni's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Why hello there! Welcome to my profile! There are a few things that you, my friend, must know about me. All my life since I was a kid I was intrigued by art and animation. I drew all the time and did my best to make my drawings look fantastic. Now that I know that I have the skill and power to make my drawings better as I grow, I know that I can achieve the dream I have with just a few strokes away.
I am striving to become an animator and learn as much as I can to improve my style. I try to listen to every comment I get and see whatever I can do better. I love getting responses, they motivate me to do better!
So, with a name like RRproAni, I hope that I will someday be a great animator and story teller.
Here's the break down of RRproAni:

RR - Royal Road, which is the first definition of my last name that I saw. I want to may a animation company named RR Productions one day.

pro - Productions. It doesn't mean I'm professional, just a short version of productions.

Ani - Animation. Like I said, I want to be an animator. :)
Please read this, it is very important!!!
Okay, now I'm gonna be setting up some rules. If you are gonna ever use my art in anything, please ask permission from me. I don't want any of you taking my art and saying that it is yours. People get very upset when you take others art and claim that you drew it themselves, and I get especially upset when people try to take credit that isn't theirs. There is a word for this and it is called "stealing". I don't want any of you to take on the name of a "stealer" because no one deserves to be called a "robber". So please, respect my art and don't steal it from me. And that goes for all artists out there. Do us a favor, if you want to use our art, ask our permission first. I am giving full permission to Venturiantale to use my Venturiantale fan art, if they feel like displaying it in one of their videos. This includes: Jordan, Cierra, Bethany, and Isaac Frye. They don't have to credit me on my work in any description, because fan art is fan art, and I fully trust them with my work. :)
Please, respect the community. Thank you.
Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy my art!


Tumblr account:

Vimeo Account:
    So a friend of mine and I have been collaborating on Beyond Infinity for a while, and one of the results of this collaboration is this video!

    Thanks to Devon Ryle :icontyphoon965: for the amazing music he worked on for this series!

    All the visuals were done by me. (And if you're curious, I animated all motion graphics in Adobe After Effects, cause I know plenty of people ask this question)

    Enjoy and have a nice day!

            ~ Royal Road Productions | Kaeli Villarreal


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