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June 14, 2010
Small dragon tutorial by *Rrkra is a fab tutorial which will help you create an awesome little beaded dragon. This deviants whole gallery is full of wonderful creations - one to have a look through for sure!
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Small dragon tutorial



The dragon is small. The tutorial..isn't.
It's for a wingless dragon. But nothing stops you from adding wings from other patterns >:] Like from here: rrkra.deviantart.com/art/Bead-… or here fav.me/d2t646c

Legs are to be sewn to the body. I think that's obvious. XD

As usual. Free to use/repost/sell the thing you beaded using it. And if you feel like it, show the result to me?

I call it a tutorial.. but more of a walkthrough, because you have to be at least familiar with tubular peyote/ndebele/brick stitch to make it. My scribbles aren't the most intuitively understandable patterns to follow =(
+ it has too many of 'or you can do it another way' so end result is... different for everyone. lol.

Download with caution. It's big. I warned.

More tutorials: rrkra.deviantart.com/gallery/2…


O_o a DD? Wow, thanks <3 I was slightly scared to see so many messages at once though. XD
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Thank you for sharing this .I'm going to try make it when I get some  more beads.